blender can crush ice

What blender can crush ice? Which blender can crush ice?

Last Updated on January 3, 2021 by Layla Lily

What blender can crush ice?

Imagine you have bought a blender with a rough idea that it can crush ice cube for you. Upon using your blender, you realize it is no more. You ought to have known that not all blenders can break the ice.

Crushing a cube of ice requires the mixers with specific features and models.

Above all, the high powered blenders have strong and sharp blades best for crushing ice. These help to fasten the ice crushing process while at the same time withstand every kind and state of ice.

Plus, the blender jar should be durable with the right size for more reliable performance. Alongside these features, you need to consider the versatility of the blender. This will give you an added advantage since you can use it with convenience. 

Let’s look at some of the blenders which can crush ice for you. You will not get disappointments once again upon learning about ice crusher blenders.

Ninja Brand

As a renowned blender across the world, the Ninja is the best choice for crushing ice and frozen drinks. Besides, it offers the best value to its users, making them feel proud of the money they paid for it. In fact, most people recommend this professional blender for crushing ice at a low cost. 

Vitamix7500 Blender

Vitamix blender is a professional- grade blender that cannot disappoint you. It has a full-length blade and a 2.2 HP motor designed for crushing your ice.  Besides breaking your ice, you can perform other crushing like crushing nuts. You can rest assured that Vitamix blender is your best kitchen companion.

Blender by cleanblend

Cleanblend blender may look like an ordinary blender, but it’s not. The blender has many features that make it stand out from the blenders’ lists. The blender has a durable steel construction. To increase its crushing ability, the blades feature a solid steel structure.

Hence, it makes it easy to crush your ice cubes well. You can as well control the speed of the blender using the speed control. Thanks to the panel, you can get what you want by controlling the blender’s crushing speed.

Which blender can crush ice?

Blending tasks can be easy and challenging at the same time. Oster pro-1200 blender is the best-known blender for ice. Features of this blender which makes it the best for crushing ice include the following;

Dual direction feature. Technology blends forward and backward. This allows ingredients to flow down faster into the blade for more effortless blending.

 Slicing disk and the chopping blade have durable stainless steel construction. And the jar is extra large to accommodate most If not all the ingredients. 

The ten years duralast all-metal drive has a limited warranty for durability.

Blender has a smart setting technology programmed for added control and precision.

One should go through the user guide before purchasing a blender of choice.


In summary, specific blenders can crush ice. Though you can crush ice using almost all blenders whose structure qualifies them. However, before purchasing a blender for ice crushing, consider the blender’s power input. Also, check for the blades and composition of the blender. Read Amazon Most Selling Best Blender

Do not attempt to crush ice using a blender you do not know. You will lose it. We hope you have learned which blenders to use when you want to crush your ice.

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