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When it comes to designing a small kitchen, the key should always be creativity. You can redo your kitchen in style with the latest ideas and inspiring kitchen designs.

The most beautiful kitchen ideas That Will Absolutely Stun You. Use New Kitchen Ideas To Make Someone Fall In Love With You.

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The kitchen – the heart! The communicative cooking point in the house and apartment is also a creative place to let off steam. H ere often find the best conversations and sometimes even festivals! Kitchens should radiate joie de vivre and sensuality, combine functionality and aesthetics.

Only when a kitchen is not only practical but also cozy does it become a place where you not only like to cook, but also like to be there.

That is why large eat-in kitchens, which bring food and life even closer together, are particularly popular. But you can also make yourself comfortable in small kitchens – we show you how!

Set up the kitchen: planning

Kitchen Ideas Tips

Careful planning of the kitchen will determine and facilitate later work in the kitchen. In addition, you should choose a kitchen with peace and deliberation, after all it should be a bond for life – but of course the heart has to pound! So what should it look like, the dream kitchen?

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Do I want a complete solution like a fitted kitchen, or do I prefer something extravagant? Maybe a designer kitchen with a separate island?

The kitchen with a mix of styles is also popular : individual building blocks form a very personal group.

If you don’t like a compact solution, you simply make a different decision and equip the kitchen with individual elements and modules.

Starting with the stove and oven, the kitchen planning extends to practical storage space up to the free-standing refrigerator . Old kitchen buffets and cupboards from the flea market are welcome guests in the kitchen.

Materials and surfaces for kitchen design

When choosing the materials for the fronts, personal taste is decisive: they are the face of the kitchen and thus determine the atmosphere.

Should they be made of wood, stainless steel or do I choose high-gloss fronts? A decision has also to be made regarding the handles: yes or no.

Do I prefer simple or do I prefer curved handles, for example for a country-style kitchen? All of these questions and others must be clarified in advance.

In the end, the focus is always on one question: What do I want to put in the kitchen? Storage space in the kitchen is elementary – all utensils have to be stowed away quickly, but also have to come out again just as quickly to enable a smooth workflow.

If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your New Kitchen Ideas Philosophy Now!

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There are very different applicants for the work surfaces in the kitchen: wood, granite, marble or easy-care plastic. All materials have their own character and style and adapt optically and functionally to the needs of their users. Heat resistance is a critical issue, as is the relationship with sharp objects.

In order for a kitchen to remain a good friend for years to come, quality is an important keyword – also and especially with the rather invisible technical details.

At first glance, some things seem superfluous and only expensive, which turns out to be an indispensable helper in everyday kitchen life.

Storage space in the kitchen

Storage space in the kitchen

Above all, plenty of storage space in the upper and lower cupboards is important in the kitchen. There are many solutions for unpopular fronts and tile surfaces: knobs, handles, replacement fronts or foils transform every kitchen row into a pretty hiding place for pots, pans, dishes and other kitchen utensils .

Open shelves such as the small String Pocket are a nice addition to closed cupboards. A kitchen buffet is also a tasty helper that can put a lot away. His work surface also accommodates benevolently large bowls for fruit and vegetables or kitchen utensils.

The treasure trove: flea market or attic. Thanks to the paint and brush, he also gets a fresh face relatively quickly.

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A trolley also proves to be a useful module in the kitchen. It also serves as a storage space and workplace. Its driving ability also ensures that it does not stand rigidly in the way, but finds its individual place in its (assigned) place.

Efficient craftsmen create storage space for crockery and pots at lightning speed and inexpensively from simple shelves.

A cheerful fabric curtain provides the necessary privacy and dust protection – and wooden wine boxes are a nice “drawer replacement “. For example, cutlery is stacked in them.

“In the childhood memories of every good cook, there’s a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot and a mom.” – Barbara Costikyan

Wall design with function

Wall design with function

Simple wallboards – such as those found at IKEA – are suitable for storage above the kitchen modules: storage jars or spices find their place there. Simple hook strips for wooden spoons are also a fine ingredient in the style mix kitchen. In general, the Swede is a popular supplier for individual kitchen building blocks.

Functionality and individuality: this is what the kitchen stands for in a mix of styles, the ingredients of which make the chef happy.

Decorative ideas for your Attractive Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Places in 2020

Open shelves and surfaces are predestined exhibition areas for decorative items in the kitchen. Enchanting porcelain, carefully selected kitchen utensils, and beautiful textiles come into their own here.

These accessories are important ingredients in the functional and cozy mix in the kitchen: they add color accents and give the room liveliness and individuality.

Also great: art in the kitchen – for example by Larissa Bertonasco or Sara Illenberger. Everyday things like beautiful plates or old baking molds also look like works of art on the wall.

Discover a lot of great examples, tips and solutions on this page and find out how your kitchen can become a storage space miracle, an orderly and at the same time a cozy meeting point!

There is a ton of kitchen cabinet organizers such as slide-out waste bins, shelves, cutting boards, wine glass holders, etc. that will add a lot of conveniences.

If you are going to keep the kitchen cabinets there are a lot of retrofit kits or DIY plans that can help you make them more efficient.

“If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life.” – Louis Parrish

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