How to fire up a charcoal grill ?

Some people have a hard time trying to fire up a charcoal grill. Some have even burned themselves by using too much fluid. In this article, I will guide you on the best way to fire up a charcoal grill in a decent time and without accident.

Always be careful when working with or handling flammable fluids. Build the perfect fire every time without using lighter fluid or wasting charcoal. Dono’t forget to cleanup your grill.

There are many ways to fire up a grill. Most folks just pile a bunch of charcoal briquettes in and spray starter fluid on it and spark a match. I don’t like this way because often it imparts a taste of the starter fluid to the food.

I favor starting a small fire using paper and kindling wood. Once you’ve got a small fire going, add a little more wood followed by some charcoal. Don’t just pour a bunch on as you’re likely to smother the fire. 

Then you would have to start all over. No, some charcoal and tend to them Push into the fire. Once those are going, add some more and repeat. Do this and soon you will have a nice hot bed of coals.

My friend said that I used two different methods. The first is a charcoal chimney. Crumpled newspaper in the bottom with charcoal briquettes on top and Light the newspaper.

The second and maybe more foolproof is an electric charcoal starter. Place on the bottom of the grill with charcoal briquette on top. Plug it in and 10–15 minutes later unplug and remove.

Another grill expert said The “easiest” way to fire up a gas grill is a stack of charcoal and squirt it with lighter fluid. 

Nobody, however who takes pride in their grilled food does that because of the potential for some lighter fluid taste on their food. Using a chimney is not hard but generally considered worth the tiny extra effort. 

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Can you use gasoline to start a charcoal grill?

Can you use just a little bit of gasoline to start your charcoal grill? is it safe to use gasoline to light a charcoal grill ?

You can use just a little bit of gasoline to start just about any kind of fire. I do not suggest doing so for several reasons. Reason number 1 is that gasoline evaporates very fast, causing a very flammable layer of gas fumes to form near where it has been poured out. 

When you move in with your lit match to light the briquettes you had poured the gas on, you will get a pretty nasty flash burn if you are lucky. 

If you aren’t lucky, you will get a serious eruption, causing severe burns to more than just your hand and arm. Reason number 2 follows closely behind reason number 1. 

Sometimes, you will try the gas trick and not get fire the first time. You will assume that because you can’t see any flames that the fire you hoped to start has gone out so you will attempt to add even more gasoline.

That will find the spark you couldn’t see, and you WILL get some very nasty burns to hands and arms, and quite possibly face and body as well. 

Do not try using gasoline to start a barbecue, or any other type of fire, unless you can stay a good distance away from where you are trying to build the fire, and even then there are safer alternatives.

So while you are trying to pit your hair out and your other half is screaming because you’ve set light to the kids – your charcoal is still cold and black (some might say, like my heart), because hardly any of the energy from the burning petrol got transferred to the charcoal.

Lighting barbecues:

  • A match and some dry kindling
  • a firelighter
  • some fire lighting gel
  • a hot air paint stripping gun

The same advice applies to bonfires, please don’t use petrol. 

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Is it safe to use gasoline to light a charcoal grill ?

Any chemical starter will give off-flavors to your meat and contribute to air pollution. If you’ve got a chimney starter, just twist up a few sheets of newspaper and coil them in the bottom. You should have no trouble starting a fire like that.

Using kerosene to light a charcoal grill is a little like working on the roof: people do it, and you can take precautions, but many things can still go wrong.

One challenge is that kerosene and other starters don’t work very well, so you either have to add more kerosene or start with more kerosene, both can present a fire danger.

As another poster suggested, chimney starters are a better alternative. They are cheap, they don’t add flavors to the food, and they are more effective in getting the charcoal started.

It is never safe to use kerosene to light a grill. It adds weird flavor to the meat and is dangerous. The most simplistic way to light a grill is by using both regular wood or charcoal with an impregnated charcoal-like match light. 

Create a pyramid with the match light at the bottom in a small layer with the traditional wood and charcoal on top.

This will avoid the acrid after taste while having your grill ready within 15 minutes.

I hope, You have learned how fire up a charcoal grills in the best way and also learned that using gasoline to start a charcoal grill is safe or unsafe.

Happy Grilling!!

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