How to Choose and use an Electric Spiralizer easily

Electric spiralizers are amazing kitchen appliances. Often, they are super versatile as they ensure that users get healthy and delicious food. Also, they open a new world of customized meals.

And, they entirely make food preparation simple and fast. No wonder most healthy diet lovers opt to buy these powerful kitchen appliances.

Check Market top 7 Electric Spiralizer On your Budget

1- Oster Electric Spiralizer Easy to use and clean

This easy-to-use Spiralizer shapes spaghetti and fettuccine noodles from fresh vegetables easily so you can prepare a diversity of appetizing dishes.

Designed and planned with a large capacity prep bowl that collects noodles, making it neater and easier to add spirals to other ingredients. Food Pusher and Chute work all together to guide vegetables into the blade for perfect results.

2- BLACK+DECKER Electric SpiralizerPerfect for families, Professionals and health-conscious eaters

BLACK+DECKER Electric Spiralizer is the perfect kitchen tool for families, busy professionals, health-conscious eaters, people with food restrictions, and anyone trying to get more fruits and vegetables into their diets.

Make a beautiful plate presentations with the ribbon noodle blade, and enjoy homemade potato chips using the wavy cut blade.

When you’re ready to create healthy, flavorful meals in few seconds by turning fruits and vegetables even noodles, spirals, slices, and ribbons, I really enjoy get the BLACK+DECKER Electric Spiralizer.

3- Chefman Electric Spiralizer – Best for blending, whisking, chopping and spiraling

Chefman Electric Spiralizer Equipped with a powerful 300 Watt ultra quiet motor, this immersion hand blender and spiralizer quickly purees soups, blends batters, mixes beverages, spiralizes vegetables and more.

This Electric Spiralizer set a powerful extension for blending, whisking, chopping, and Easily make noodles from zucchini, carrots, beets, potatoes, and any other vegetable of choice;

4- NutriChef Electric Spiralizer – Electric Food & Vegetable Spiralizer-

I love NutriChef Electric food Spiralizer. I have arthritis in my hands so this is so much easier to use than the manual ones. It is very quiet when using and doesn’t build a lot of noise.

Easy to put together & easy to clean, just rinse it out. Totally I love it & would recommend it.

What is the best Electric spiralizer to purchase?

We all like having delicious meals, right? So, we opt to look for the best ways of making that happen. One of the best investments you can make for your kitchen is the electric spiralizer.

With so many brands to choose from available on the market, finding the best equipment is never that simple. If you don’t know which the best product to purchase is, this article has some answers for you.

5- Spiralizer 7-Blade Vegetable Slicer – Now Improved & Enhanced

We are glad to say that Spiralizer is the premium spiralizer on the market and apply only state of the art technology and materials, with many advance and new features. It is easier than ever before to use, clean and store. It is now also secure than ever to use.

With this unit, everything gets simple than ever. In other words, it has a simple design yet very useful when it comes to spiralizing. Also, you won’t need much effort to create your nutritious meals.

And, it comes with a large collecting bowl ideal for continuous spiralizing. Powerful blades spiralize, chop, and slice food.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple to clean
  • Safe and durable materials


  • Gives one colored spiral only

6- Veggie Bullet Electric Spiralizer – Best in Speed

If you are a time-conscious person, this classy electric spiralizer should be the best for you. This means that its design allows it to spiralize, slice, or shred vegetables in seconds. Plus, it doesn’t have many parts.

Therefore you will find it easy to use with the touch of a button. Besides that, it comes with a variety of cutting blades to suit different spiralizing conditions.


  • Faster operation
  • Best for families
  • Versatile
  • Durable


  • Not best for hard foods

7- Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 – The size that suits all

This electric spiralizer is the best for creating healthy yet delicious pasta. The 3-in-1 abilities make it super versatile as you can create varied sizes of pasta using vegetables. Plus, its large bowl holds all your vegetable spirals with ease.

And, its compact size makes it ideal for use on a countertop and tightly packed kitchen space.

This is a heavy machine, and once you learn how to use it you will get massive results. If you not ever used a spiralizer before, don’t shy away – It opens up a whole new way of making flashy salads – and – I can use it for vegetables – like beets – that I would not have concept of using otherwise.

I am very satisfied with this new tool and this brand.


  • Multifunctional
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Spacious
  • Compact and portable


  • Not best for use by children

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Things to consider to buy a Electric Spiralizer

However, you can never get the best flavor of the vegetables you need from a spiralizer if you can’t operate it.How to use an electric spiralizer easily | What is the best Electric spiralizer to purchase? Check Expert Guide bellow-

First, ensure the space around your electric spiralizer is neat. Also, provide adequate space since these tools may give off some vegetable cuttings. In turn, you may need a lot of clean up once the activity gets over.

Next, wash rigorously the vegetables you want to spiralize. Also, trim one end to make them uniform and flat for easy entry into the machine. Additionally, peel off the vegetable skin you want to spiralize.

This prevents it from getting caught inside the spiralizer, which can make it hard to spiralize.

Since you are handling fresh vegetables, sanitize your hands. This should be done thoroughly, even if you are using an automatic spiralizer. Hence, the vegetables will be flavorful and fresh for healthy feeding.

Choose the kind of blade you would like to use by using the control settings. This will help to decide how you want your final spirals to look or taste.

Use your hands to stack the vegetables inside the spiralizer as it cuts until all your vegetables get finished. As you do so, keep your fingers secure from getting chopped by the sharp rotating blades.

How to choose Best Electric Spiralizer

While you use the electric spiralizer, ensure to inspect and clean the spirilizer’s openings on the ends because food particles can restrict an excellent spiral from coming out. Once you finish the spiralization process, let the spiralizer cooldown.

After that, remove the parts and clean them with ultimate care.

With versatility and efficiency, electric spiralizers give their uses, and the demand has increased significantly. As a result, tons of electric spiralizers are available on the market with different qualities and functionality.

Therefore, most users find it hard to select their best appliances. Looking for the best electric spiralizer that will suit your desires? If yes, this buying guide makes it easier for you by simplifying the buying process.

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Compatible with the Vegetables to Spiralizer

First off, you have to understand the kinds of vegetables you would like to transform into noodles and spirals. This is to say, some spiralizers work typically on any type of vegetables.

But some only works best with certain vegetables. So, after deciding on that, you can find the one that will suit your needs.

Effortless to operate

It is essential to determine the ease of operating your featured electric spiralizer is. Given that these kitchen appliances are typically electrical, it doesn’t mean that they work automatically.

Therefore, you should buy an electric spiralizer that will give you an easy time to operate. And this includes one with a hands-free cutting, easy control features, and settings.

Easy to clean

As much as you want the best vegetable spirals, noodles, spaghetti, and others, cleaning your spiralizer appliance is a must. Usually, vegetable particles may remain within the cutting blades or the storage cylinder.

Therefore, cleaning it will help eliminate any chances of causing impurities or poisoning your fresh noodles and spirals? Always consider a brand whose parts can get easily detached for easy cleaning.

Plus, its material needs to be dishwater safe to avoid any damages.

One that suits your budget

Electric spiralizers are available at different prices depending on their quality, design, and manufacturer’s desires to counter competition. However, this doesn’t always mean that you should go for the expensive models, no! In fact, you can find the best appliance without digging deep into your pockets.

Neither should you go for the cheap spiralizers in the market. They always have poor quality and design. You can find one at an affordable price with the best performance. Besides that, consider other hidden expenses like cleaning and replacement of blades.

Above all, consider one with quality design and efficient performance. This will determine how easy it will be for you to prepare the meal. Plus, consider one with heavy-duty structure and strong yet sharp cutting blades. This will assure you more reliable performance and last longer.

I am sure, how to choose the best Electric spiralizer And What is the best Electric spiralizer to purchase, You have got ideas. Your Healthy Eating Journey Begins Here… And We Are Here to Support!

We all know the value of healthy eating in enhancing general well being and helping weight loss. Not only prepares eating well make you see and feel better, but it can also keep your money on later health costs.

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