How do you smoke meat on a gas grill ?

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Ordinarily, I place a bird on a rack on a sheet pan. I put tin foil in the bottom of the sheet pan for easy clean-up. 1 layer. Place the bird in the grill as you normally would on a rack in a pan. Even stuffed is ok. I then take used tea from tea bags. Wrap in tinfoil. Poke in a few small holes. Place in the grill to the front on the grill grates, Not on the pan. Close lid & cook as normal.

Do not open the grill lid till the bird is near done to check it. So 1 & 1/2 to 2 hours cooking time for a duck or chicken. Sundry the used tea from the bags before use. This gives you Asia smoked fowl. How much tea & how much smoke is used is up to you.

Sawdust should also work Just wrap in tinfoil so it can not burn in the gas grill. Only a few small holes in it to let the smoke out.

How do you smoke meat on a gas grill
smoke meat on a gas grill

Smoking Meat on Your Gas Grill

If you are ready to take a stab at smoking meat on a gas flame broil, here’s the breakdown:

  • Start by picking the kind of meat you Might want to smoke. Now, you may likewise need to pick a marinade or dry rub to improve your preferred general kind of meat, poultry, salmon, and so forth.
  • Set up the meat by cutting off the overabundance layer, durability, and fat. Leave enough fat with the goal that the meat doesn’t dry out while being smoked. Run the item under virus water and wipe it off with a paper towel, at that point add your dry rub or splash in a marinade or a saline solution for as long as 24 hours.
  • Next, guarantee your wood chips, wood sections, or pellets are by and large appropriately covered. This should be possible by utilizing a smoker box for around $20 at a store or internet, utilizing a pellet tube intended for smoking wood pellets, or picking the DIY alternative of a foil wrap.
  • Splash a tad of water on the wood. This will assist the wood with avoiding catching fire and staring into a fire. You would prefer not to over immerse the wood, in any case, as this will make the wood not warm up at all and cause smoke that is fundamental for smoking the meat.
  • At the point when your wood is cooked, place it on top of one of the burners and turn it on to high warmth. Stand by until you start to see smoke spilling out the side of the gas flame broil prior to continuing to the following stage. (Recollect not to constantly open the top to check for smoke, as this will hinder the cycle).
  • When you start to see smoke, turn the warmth down to low-medium.
  • Spot your meat onto the burner that isn’t being used; the burner ought not to be turned on by any means, as we need the smoke from the wood to do the entirety of the cooking. This is considered roundabout warmth and gives the meat that smokey, rich flavor you’re after.
  • About an hour subsequent to setting your meat on the gas flame broil, check to ensure it’s being cooked appropriately. You may begin to see an adjustment in shading, or in case you’re utilizing a less fatty cut, that it’s nearly done. Now, you will doubtlessly need to add more wood (gently splashed with water).

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  • Contingent upon your cut of meat, you will at that point leave the meat to cook for a few additional hours. In the event that you’ve picked a more slender cut, for example, pork hacks, you can keep an eye on your meat again in 60 minutes. A slice of thicker meat like hamburger brisket shouldn’t be checked until in any event three hours after the first check.
  • At the point when your meat, fish, poultry, and so on is done cooking, it ought to be flaky and self-destruct without any problem. Now, you might need to add some mixed flavors, similar to a grill sauce. 
  • Take the meat off the flame broil and spot in foil with your ideal sauce and let it sit for 25 minutes to absorb the entirety of the flavors prior to serving.

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How do you use your gas grill as a smoker?

  • Set up your grill for indirect heating andThis is essentially using only one burner. Place the meat you are going to smoke on the opposite side of the grill (above the non-used burner(s)). 
  • Take a 12 inch/300 mm piece of aluminum foil, and place a handful of wood chips (whichever you’re using—pecan, apple, mesquite, etc.) on the foil and make a pouch by folding it up horizontally and then tucking in the ends. 
  • Poke several holes in the top of the pouch, and place the pouch over the burner that is being used. Close the grill and let it go to work. You may have to make a couple of new pouches depending on how long/how much smoke you want.
  • Buy a smoker tube. You can find one at any big box store or a barbecue store. Put wood chips in the smoker, and, when your grill reaches the desired temperature put the tube in the grill. It will fit between the heat deflectors. 
  • As the heat circulates, it will cause the chips to smolder and release smoke. You may have to change out the chips as they are reduced to ashes.

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