How do you grill the perfect burger?

I’m assuming that you have the right blend of ground meat already since you didn’t ask how to make the perfect burger, just how to grill it.  In this article, I will show you how do you grill the perfect burger and how to cook the perfect burger. let’s dive into it. 

How to Grill the Best Burgers

Learn How to Grill the Best Burgers by breaking all grilling myths. This easy burger guide gives you all the tips for the best burger recipe every time.

How to Grill the Best Burgers
How to Grill the Best Burgers

Pay attention to what you’re doing by minimizing outside distractions. Cooking should now be your focal point, not the show on the TV. See the cooking & the internal temperatures (IT) as well as remove your burgers a few degrees BELOW your target IT. The burgers will continue to cook after you remove them from the heat, so allow them to reach IT while resting.

Season sparingly & simply with salt, pepper, onion powder & garlic powder. Garnish as you will. the sensation of biting into a hot burger with a slice of cold tomato can be very pleasant. Many people are now switching to these grill sheets. I like them, they do not allow the food on them to stick to the grill.

Also placing the items to be cooked at the outer edges of your grill will permit you more time to watch as they cook, where the direct heat is not the cooking procedure. Placing the meat or other items on the hottest part of the fire cooks the food very quickly, and you can ruin good food by overcooking it.

Grill hot and fast to retain as many juices as likely until an internal Temperature of 160° F, let the burgers rest loosely covered so that the temp reaches 165° F. To get the burgers to temp without burning the outside, you’ll need it makes them relatively thin.

Use fresh meat with a little fat. Form the burgers with a dimple in the center. That way the burgers finish off flat rather than rounded in the center.

how do grill the perfect burger
perfect burger

There are 2 ways you can approach this:

1: Pan sear- Searing them in a pan enables the meat to gain a nice crisp browning from the hot pan which is going to lock in the flavor and the juices and make the burger extra delicious.

2: Grill- Now the grill is a little different because you’re going to lose a lot of the moisture from the burger that will drip out as it cooks, but you’re going to gain that nice smokey flavor that comes from grilling which will add another dimension of flavor.

You could also try just straight up in the oven, but I would suggest the first two for the best outcome.

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7 Steps to Grill the Perfect Burgers

  1. Grind your meat to an 80/20 or so mix.
  2. Make 1/4 oz burgers. Bigger they are hard to cook.
  3. Press them flat and thin, thinner than you think possible. It will plump up. DO NOT over-handle the meat.
  4. Salt and pepper are required, then add a little more.
  5. Screaming fire, just a couple of minutes per side. If you want cheese, Americans put it on quickly after flipping.
  6. A soft bun. Add a pickle to the top and burger sauce (equal parts mayo, ketchup, and yellow mustard) on the bottom.
  7. Serve and enjoy.

Perfect? Start by grinding the meat yourself. I like to go with 50% short rib and 50% brisket. This should give you a 30/70 blend. Chill them to almost frozen before grinding.

Best way to cook a Burger

Honestly, it’s a matter of my preference but I have to go with grilled when the weather will allow for it or cast iron pan when I’m forced to make my burgers indoors.

Best way to cook a Burger
Best Way to Cook a Burger

I don’t think cast iron cooking frying, as this produces a great char crust from the hot pan so I usually refer to this as griddle cooking. There is no best way. The best way is the way you like them. Just use a quality grade of beef, and do not overcook it. you will be fine.

Grilled. If you use the Italian method of mixing in some mashed bread soaked in milk, plus your preferred seasonings, it is more tender and juicy. Grill, it adds to the flavor and it’s easier to find when they are cooked the way you want them.

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Perfect burger on a Weber grill

Practice – you have to be constant with the amount of charcoal – temperature. Using direct and then indirect heat. 

Perfect burger on a Weber grill
Perfect burger on a Weber grill

Learn how to use your cover and for how long. The other side of it is very subjective, finding out just how well done you prefer your burgers. There are many ways to prepare hamburgers as well, so you have to find a recipe that you like also. 

One tip is to take your time so that you prevent burning rather than grilling your burger. Chances are if you are careful you will have some success even the first time, but you probably won’t exactly nail it either. Keep at it.  There is something primal about cooking meat with an open flame that is very satisfying. It’s one of the more fun ways to make a meal.

How do you cook the perfect burger

beauty is in the eyes of the beholder “ fits this situation very well. Some think their burger cooked “rare “to be perfect, others “ medium” is good, “well done” is the choice of some.  A few like the burnt outer shell of the open flame in a BBQ. For some, the inside griddle or skillet is the best.

Myself, to cook my burgers, I take a skillet with a small amount of canola oil, add some chopped onion and cook those until they a slightly browned. I remove the onion and add a hamburger patty to the pan. I cook the patty under medium heat until bubbles of blood appear on the top of the patty.

I turn the patty over and cook for about a minute. I remove the patty, put the cooked onion on top, a little salt, and voila – the perfect burger( for me).

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