How do you fix a coffee maker that won’t pump water?

Many causes may cause this for a regular coffee machine.

If you don’t want and/or you don’t have any access to an expert service, follow the process below:

5 Way to fix a coffee maker that won’t pump water

  1. Does the motor run when you press the button? If no, go to the machine shop for repair. If yes, step forward.
  2. Is there any congestion in the water supply system? If yes, clean it, as far as you can. If no, step forward.
  3. Is there enough water in the tank? If no, fill it up completely. If yes, step forward.
  4. Do you use tap water or cleaned (filtered) water? If you use cleaned water, go to the machine shop for repair, there is nothing else you can do on your own. If you use tap water, buy a de-calc solution and use it as the manual suggests. It may take a while, and one run may not be enough to completely clean up the system, but it may be a usual source of a system failure like this.
  5. If everything else fails, try to dismantle the group head (if possible/accessible), and clean it properly.

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Best Tips when a coffee maker that won’t pump water

  • Regularly use proper water treatment and/or filtered water when you make coffee.
  • Regularly follow the user manual for regular cleaning process guidance. Coffee is a very heavy thing and may cause heavy congestion in the system without any prior or further trace. Regular cleaning (once in a week and/or after a specified amount of coffee is made) is a must for a coffee machine to last.
  • Use cleaning products offered/suggested by the coffee machine manufacturer and/or a shop mechanic. Never use vinegar to de-calc the system.

Why does “burping” a Keurig coffee maker fix it when not pumping enough water?

The water line is narrow and can get an air bubble that’ll restrict the water from flowing. Burping it releases the air bubbles and Presto! It works again.

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Why is my Keurig brewer not pumping water?

If your brewer isn’t pumping water…

This may be caused by a water pressure build-up in the water tank to the brewer. This is caused by the needles being clogged. The needles clog and prevent liquid to flow properly. This causes no flow grounds dripping an uneven stream and water pressure build-up.

Descaling the brewer will not solve it as you are not able to pump liquid through. If you cant pump liquid through you cannot descale. Can a coffee maker be cleaned with bleach? see more.

You apparently need to descale. The best way is to use vinegar. I use white vinegar, fill reservoir 1/2 vinegar, and 1/2 water. Run-on water cycle until you need to add more water.

Then run clear water to rinse completely.

Overall, I highly suggest taking it to a workshop, where it can be professionally inspected and repaired.

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