Difference between Hand Mixer and blender

A Hand mixer most often combines ingredients and isn’t optimized for turning them into liquids. Batters and doughs, yes; smoothies, not so much. 

Hand Mixers are necessary for bakers, and more of a nice-to-have if you cook more than you bake. A hand mixer can beat egg whites in a bowl, but it can’t tackle bread dough. A stand mixer performs a wide range of applications, including creating purees, sauces also,

The main objective of the Hand mixer – mixing and whipping. The basic working element of the device – a pair of beaters made of durable metal that can easily and quickly turn egg whites or heavy cream into a gentle foam.

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Difference between Hand Mixer and blender

Main Difference of Hand Mixer and blender

Hand Mixer beaters whipped cream, homemade mayonnaise, egg mass, not too stiff dough.

For heavier mixtures, there are hooks made of thick wire or steel bars. But for heavy dough mixing not only special nozzles are needed but also sufficient engine power.

Hand Mixer more effectively mixes and whisk convenience food, and it is the main distinction. It works well for whipping cream, egg whites, and pudding.

Although it does not have as many uses as a hand blender, you cannot use a hand blender for mixing dough. You do not want to chop the elements in your dough. An ice-crushing blender will also not mix in as much air as dough needs.

The main task of the blender – to grind and mix. The main element – sharp steel blades rotating at high speed. The knife system transform products into a gentle sauce, grind nuts, chops vegetables for salad.

High-end models have some features such as ice chopping. So blender can convert a mixture of ice cubes, milk, and fruits into a refreshing drink in a few seconds. 

Some blenders come with attachments that allow you to chop herbs, nuts, and garlic. Others will whip cream, egg whites, and pudding.

Some come with a juicing jar; with this as an attachment, you will be able to have fresh juice every day. With so many other uses, such an attachment is cheaper than buying a separate juicer.

These two tools have different uses. A blender turns things into liquids, for example, if you want to make a milkshake or cold coffee a blender is a machine you want. The best glass jars blenders use the power of at least 600 watts for smooth blending and come in the size you need to blend all your go-to recipes.

On the other hand, hand mixers are used by casual bakers, often those who do not bake all the time or in large quantities.

  1. In a hand mixer, you have to use a manual process because it is not an electric device. You can easily handle it. 
  2. Meanwhile, a blender is an electronic device in which you will need electricity, and work done will be easier in comparison to a hand mixer.

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Is a hand mixer better than a hand blender?

They are used for two different purposes. so it depends on the mixing work that you are doing whether one is better than the other.

You can make cookie dough with either one but I favor using a mixer. you could also make meringue but again a mixer would be better suited.

A blender is better suited for making things that require things that liquid that need to be blended. A mixer for the most part is better for batters and mixing dry ingredients to wet ones.

You can do this in a blender too but the results may not come out the same. The batter will be finer in a blender and more course with a mixer.

A hand blender is better for pureeing the solid bits in a pot of soup, but not for mixing a powder and a liquid, as lumps tend to form.

A hand mixer is no good for the soup, as there is too much spatter, but is suitable for thicker preparations in larger vessels, such as a bowl of batter or cake mix, or cookie dough if not too thick.

I hope you will get ideas which one is better for your kitchen.


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