Difference between a mixer and a blender

I have highlighted the difference between a mixer grinder and a blender so that you have an accurate idea of the exact work each one has been designed to perform.

Difference between mixer and blender

The mixer is essentially used to grind something into powders. on the other hand, a blender as the name indicates blends two substances together. The great blenders work best for creating liquids, like soups, purees, and smoothies. In addition, A blender has an advantage over the traditional mixture in that it won’t splatter the content.

The mixer grinder is used for chopping, grinding, mixing, and shredding. Each of these machines is slightly different and although some mixers have a blender tip, they will rather be used to mix soups, but it will not cope with cocktails.

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Main Difference of Between Mixer and Blender


The mixer is another appliance commonly used in kitchens. If you are a baking lover, the mixer is the ideal investment for you. It handles mixing, folding, and beating of food ingredients. There are two common types of mixers which are Hand mixers and stand mixers

When you decide to purchase a mixer, buy the best value mixer you can afford. There are some factors to pick the right choice. Usually, search for a steady mixer that will not jump while mixing heavy doughs. Keep in your mind that a good quality mixer is necessary for efficiently incorporating and mixing all the ingredients.

Also, choose the mixer whose attachments are safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher. This will relieve you from the painful experience of hand cleaning. The grinder can help you with a gamut of tasks like grinding spices, mixing raw and cooked meat, grinding vegetables, and other different types of foods.

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A blender has high-speed rotating blades which are excellent for liquefying food or chopping it into little slices. It can be used to make Green smoothies, soups, and mocktails among a variety of other things. A blender normally has one set of blades that can be used at various speeds to cut up food into a fine liquid.

These ice and frozen fruit smoothie blenders are handy and are widely used as they can be used with any container. Stationary blenders consist of a jar with rotating blades at the base of the blender and an electric motor that powers the metal blade. The newer version of blenders, immersion blenders, has the motor connected on the top. These immersion blenders are widely used these days as they can be used with any container.

Let us try to understand Blender and Mixer Grinder closely.

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What is the contrast between Blender and Mixer?

• A blender is utilized to whip crèmes and to beat eggs while the blender is utilized to hack food objects and to break up strong food things into fluids.

• A blender has a couple of mixers that can be inundated inside the container where the things to be blended are available as the opposite finish of the blender contains an engine that pivots these mixers.

• A blender includes a compartment that houses a sharp edge worked with the aid of an engine at the base. The food things are slashed with the assistance of cutting edges that can be changed in several blenders, to suit the job needing to be done.

• A Travel blender can make batter while a blender makes unbelievable smoothies.

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Hand Blender

  • A hand blender is of two types. One is slim and can be used with your hand. It has removable blades for whisking, whipping.
  • It is designed for a better grip and rustproof metal arm to blend hot and cold dishes also has a single trigger press.
  • Another hand blender is also used while holding on hand. It has 5-speed variables and beaters, dough hooks. It has a detachable shaft and stainless steel body for hot and cold blending.
  • The motor rating is among 120watt to 300 watts.
  • It is handy and portable.

Mixer Grinder

  • A mixer grinder is used for wet and dry grinding and It has 3 stainless steel jars with enough space to hold the food ingredients.
  • Purees, batters, dry masalas can be ground easily in the mixer grinder jar.
  • The motor of the mixer grinder is 500 to 1000watt. A heavy-duty mixer grinder is also available for commercial purposes.

Both have a special function. It depends on your requirements.

Big difference. They both have rotating blades, but a mixer has beaters that incorporate air, while a blender has sharp blades for chopping up the food.

I hope this answers your question.

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