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” Cooking Hacks” “Kitchen Hacks” Cooking who doesn’t love it. But the worst part of cooking is it requires patience. While reading a recipe many people tend to look at the cooking time, then they decide that whether have to prepare it or not.

People always tend to look for kitchen tips and tricks which avoid wasting a long time. Most of your time spent while boiling or soaking things to looking at the pantry.

Cooking is a skill and every skill can be well mastered with time and experience. There are several culinary tips and hacks that I’ve discovered and learnt over the years.

Don’t boil the pasta till it’s well done, take it out when it’s 70% done.

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Always use fresh tomato sauce made while boiling the pasta, and serve right away.

When you make Lasagna make two, when you make red sauce make enough for two times and keep that at the freezer for a busy day. Put them the minute you can hold them bare handed.

Never try a new dish when I’m having guests, or celebrating an important event.

If you don’t have time to make a dressing for your salad, add two drops of Mustered and taste before adding the salt. Ketchup also works.

An easy dressing consists of the same amount of oil, vinegar, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Put everything in a glass and shack. Keep it and use it when needed.

Adding a spoon of mayonnaise, mustered, ketchup or tahini to the plate gives a different taste, try and enjoy.

Mint, thyme, basil, any of them green or dry would give a wonderful taste to your salad.

When making a fruit salad make the banana and the apples down and the rest of the fruit above them not to get brown. Sprinkle a spoon or two of sugar or honey on the top and leave it in the fridge till it’s time to serve.

Now mix everything and add some fresh juice to enrich the taste of it if its natural juice wasn’t enough.

If you want to season anything quickly and well use Mustered with salt and pepper.

Garlic and onion powder are great in seasoning also paprika. a drop of lemon or vinegar.

Do not overmix the batter after adding the flour, as it promotes gluten formation and makes the cakes tough and dry.

This does not apply to the reverse creaming method of cake mixing, where we start with the flour, followed by butter and then all ingredients are added to the flour-butter mixture and mixed.

  • Bored of the same taste of fruits? Try adding lemon juice and rock salt /chaat masala to fruits like grapes, watermelon, and apples. They taste awesome 😀
  • Don’t like the taste of pumpkins or spinach and still, mom makes it often ?? Add curd and sugar to it then have it and thank me later.

I wish I could say I never cook when I’m in a bad mood, but being a Mom I have a family to feed, so instead: train yourself to make a few quick recipes to get through the week. Also, find some healthy reasonable options to order a day or two a week; for me it’s grilled fish.

Always get fresh ingredients, and stay a way from things that includes artificial colors.

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When you make quick lemon pickles by boiling the lemon. don’t throw the water add some it to the soap you use to clean anything or wash the dishes or to the dishwasher, it brightens everything and gives a refreshing smile.

If you wanted to make a successful poached egg add a spoon of vinegar to the water. don’t open the egg directly into the water. put it in a small bowl.

Keep stirring the water and bring the bowl as close as possible, softly let the egg into it. keep stirring carefully. add salt and pepper. Remove it when it reaches the right degree of cooking for you.

Don’t through the squeezed lemon you could use it for many things:

keep it in the freezer and when you have enough grind it till soft ad to it some olive oil and coconut oil also a little Vaseline if you want to harden it a little and use it as a great ointment.

Add it to every raw chicken or fish you wish to freeze and enjoy the lemon smile when taking them out.

Best Cooking Tips & tricks

Add it to the deep frying it will give better smell and taste especially with fish.

Prepare a jar with some salt, vinegar and water and drop every squeezed lemon into it. after it’s filled to the half add some fresh red pepper, a bit of saffrons and some more salt, before you know it you’ll have pickled lemon. It’s a good gift too.

Get rid of the smell of garlic by chowing some fresh parsley, for your fingers rub them against a stainless steel spoon.

If you have more than you could consume of cottage cheese and you don’t want it to be ruined, boil some water, wait till it’s in the room temperature add it to the container you keep the cheese in in the fridge. If you wish to make it saltier add some salt before adding the cheese, you could also add one of those

or any flavor you wish for like basil or thyme, or don’t add anything the water will keep it for a long time.

If you wish to make a quick cucumber pickles, put the jar in a direct sun light for an hour or two, don’t over do it or it will be so soft and ruined.

Add salt to the fries before frying it, it absorbs the salt and gets crunchier.

If you wished to deep fry eggplants slices and you don’t want them to absorb a lot of the oil, add to them some salt and keep them in a colander for two hours before frying them. Remember not to add more salt.

If the stew is too salty add a whole potato or two to it, it will absorb the salt and give a better taste.

If you wish the peas to cook in less time and taste more fresh and sweet add less than half a tea spoon of sugar to it.

For a great hot chocolate drink add some coffee; it strengthen the chocolate flavor.

Top 5 cooking hack Everyone Loves

  1. A ‘scary’ sharp knife is a wonderful thing!
  2. Don’t salt anything you are going to eat with a spoon until the liquid level is at the point at which it is going to be served—this is not meant to be literal advice, but certainly understand that if it is properly seasoned and then you boil it some more it’s going to be relatively too salty…
  3. A ‘home’ sous vide apparatus will change your life…$150.00
  4. Pay attention to your food. Watch it. Smell it cook. Listen to it. Put your damn phone down.
  5. And last, and more important than all else—at some point (preferably early on) come to grips with the relationship between fat and flour. It would only be mild hyperbole to suggest that nothing else really matters…work the french sauces (over and over and over and over) and the continental ‘gravies’, as well…damn good sauces and brilliant gravies will always save the day

For a great cup of coffee add some coco, it gives the taste of mocha.

This technique can be transferred to any dishes you cook. Don’t throw raw ingredients into you meals, make sure to cook them first.

Brown food tastes good. I hope this helps anyone looking to improve their cooking skills. Best of luck, cooks!

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Cooking is about creating something delicious for someone else

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