4 Key Parameters: When Buying a Charcoal Grill

Like so many things it depends on before Buying a Charcoal Grill on your budget and desire for control.

The more effort or special skill is required, the less often the grill is used. It is the ease of use that determines how satisfied you are with your purchase. 

The grill cooking system must-have functions that will allow you to realize all your cooking ideas.

This is the ability to maintain the desired temperature in the process, and even distribution of heat over the entire working surface. 

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4 Important Parameters before Buying a Charcoal Grill

1. Airflow adjustment

The temperature in charcoal grills changes because the amount of air entering the coals changes. The amount of air can be adjusted with special dampers.

The more air moves over the coals, the more the fire burns and limiting it will cause the embers to smolder, ensuring low temperatures and slow cooking. 

When choosing a model, please note: 

  1. How tight the lid fits the boiler. The cover plays an important role. It regulates the smoke that comes out of the grill and controls the air that goes in. Excessive oxygen from an insufficient lid may cause the food to burn. 
  2. The presence of dampers and well-regulated ventilation openings. It will be difficult to regulate the temperature without them.

2. Possibility to easily add charcoal

The languishing or stewing process lasts from 1 to 6 hours. The temperature of regular charcoal reaches a maximum of 20 minutes after ignition and begins to drop sharply after 1.5 hours. Therefore, coal will have to be added. 

Exception: you are using special briquette coal of the Kamado type, then it is not necessary. 


Look for a model with a door or special grilles. They allow you to add fuel without removing the main course from the fire.

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3. Grill Size and shape

Almost all charcoal briquettes burn at the same temperature, so the size and shape of the grill matter. They determine how heat is concentrated or dissipated.

Barrel grills are better for making hamburgers and sausages. Since their design allows you to cook more food at a time, but on a thinner coal layer.

Ceramic grills offer more sophisticated recipes than charcoal or barrel grills. They are suitable for those who love delights, improve themselves in barbecue, are ready to devote their time, and try different cooking methods: smoking, simmering, stewing, baking, grilling, and frying.

If you are not planning on preparing complex recipes, then take a closer look at barreled grills.

4. Adjustable distance from coal and grade levels

Foods close to charcoal can dry out and burn before they are cooked. To prevent these troubles, manufacturers create a movable coal platform or make several levels of grating position.  


Pay attention to grills:

  1. With a movable coal platform. Thanks to a special lever, you set the coal container to the desired height – as high as possible or as low as possible above the fuel.
  2. With 2-3 levels of grating position.

If after this information you still have any questions, we have prepared a full version of the manual for you.

Here are 4 things to look for when buying a charcoal grill. I hope you will be benefited when choosing a charcoal grill.

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