What are some pictures of your cooked food?

I learned cooking by myself and got very much interested in it. I go by the below rule.

Men or Women, doesn’t matter. If you are an adult, you should fuckin cook.

Cooking is about creating something delicious for someone else. — Ayumi Komura

My mom was a great cook and also a wonderful baker. Mostly her cooking is Indonesian dishes, especially from West Sumatra. She baked both cakes and cookies. She was also in charge of cooking when we had big family gatherings (that includes all my mom’s and/or my dad’s sibling family). My relatives used to help her and that moment was one of how our big family bonding.

Below are some of my favourite dishes. Starting with my first solo dish(carrot halwa).

Maybe, if this had failed then I would have been little less arrogant. Most of my first time dishes always ends up delicious(Luck or passion, 50:50 I guess)

Carrot Halwa – Hand grated which ended up delicious. No compromise, it’s always the high way.

I like the recent pictures of my food slightly better than the older ones

Spanish Tortilla on its way – Who the hell cooks a Spanish dish when you are still a novice :p it was awesome btw.

Bite sized chicken pieces marinated with whatever spices that caught my fancy. Note to self – never buy pre-cut boneless chicken. Get the whole chicken breast and cut it yourself.

Missy busy at chicken breading station. Roll in flour, dip it in buttermilk, roll it in breadcrumbs. Note to self – try egg wash next time and do not be a lazy bum, make Panko crumbs and double coat.

Kulfi- Hours of patience is much needed. watch and stir(On Repeat mode) that’s all you have to do

Modakathaan Keerai Dosa – The other side didn’t look much greenish 🙂

Raw Mango Curry – Authentic curry

Vella(White) Kurma – One of my mom’s favourite dish which I cook

Egg Infused Tomato Curry – When you make tomato as the egg’s mother :p this might look simple but it’s not.

Wheat Mommos – Heard Momos are not good for health so I made it with wheat instead.

Authentic Enduri Pita but with a little mango twist- Mango paste running down in your mouth with every bite(Picture the image of eclairs when you bite it)

Finger Chips (tried when bored :p)

Oreo Ice Cake for my little cousin – Three layers of deliciousness

Urunda Karakolambu – My friend’s mom recipe for which I took more than 2 hours like a novice.

Masala Omlette – plain omlette is a crime :p

I really enjoy cooking and feeding people who enjoy my cooking. Not everyone likes my cooking, but sometimes, some items, some people, do like. I don’t think I am a good cook or anything, but it’s an activity I enjoy doing.

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Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors — it’s how you combine them that sets you apart. — Wolfgang

Gonkura Chicken Briyani – Made it Spicy as hell (It’s a sin to cook andra cuisine without spiciness)

Coriander Chicken Briyani (My Little innovation)

Chicken Briyani – The Name is enough

The Softest Rasagulla – you will never believe how much time I kneaded the dough

Ever Favourite Gulab Jamuns – Just look at those chubby, sweet little pieces of heaven.

Forgot what this was, I am a big fan of greens and the amount of Keerai dishes I did are damn too high.Manathakkali Keerai is very good for health, pls consume it at least once a week.

Tried Gordon’s Chilli Chicken but it didn’t look the same (still tasted good)

Chilly Prawns – I don’t eat prawns but couldn’t resist cooking it.

Having a mom who always loves to experiment with her cooking , I naturally inherited the same passion towards culinary since I was a kid . I just recently discovered that the art of Presentation equally excites me .

Paal (Milk) Kozhukattai midway :p – Sorry, forgot to click pic after cooking it in the milk.

Veg Manchurian Balls – Tasted better than it looked.

Anddddddd finallyyyyyyyyy, here comes my big party dishes (cooked along with my crime partner)

I’ll just name these.

Chicken 65, Gobi 65, Fish Fry, Full Grill Chicken, Panneer Tikka, Mutton Gravy, Chicken briyani, Mushroom briyani, Rasam and thean mittai (took photo while it’s still in jeera)

This is what I call a treat.

I don’t particularly fit into a single cuisine. I see something and if I like it, I cook it.

Edit : How did you cook that many dishes in one day?

I have more than two and half years expertise in cooking. I used to cook different dish every day. These are only some of the dishes I had taken photos of.

The answer is there in the caption itself, I cooked along with my friend (He too cooks) and all my other friends helped in the preparations.


My Mom still cooks better than me (-_-) Yesterday only i have made Wood Apple juice.The health benefits of Bel Fruit or Wood Apple include relief from constipation, indigestion, peptic ulcer, piles, respiratory problems also boosts the immune system, fights off bacterial and viral infections, reduces inflammation and various inflammatory conditions, prevent cancer.

But I like to tease her often saying that she is jealous that her son is cooking better than her.

Signing off

The Arrogant Cook

Bukesh G

I hoped you enjoyed looking at these pictures. I started cooking almost 5 year ago and I have started enjoying it. Before that, i would just make salads mixing veggies, green leafs, beans, and cheese!

Before that I would see cooking as a huge task but as i was living overseas and was missing home-cooked food badly I had to learn. Last year in October during Diwali I went back home and learned the basics of cooking.

Thanks to my wonderful Mother chef, she taught me basics and i took it forward. My mom only cooks usa food but I tried all sort of different stuff on the foundation she helped me lay.

Are you feeling inspired now? I sure

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