Top 7 Best Meat Slicers | Meat Slicers for Personal, Commercial, Home Use

A meat slicer, also called a slicing machine, deli slicer or simply a slicer, is a tool used in butcher stores and delicatessens to slice meats, sausages, cheeses, and other deli by-products.

Meat slicer used for slicing meats, sausages, and other meaty products, etc. There are many types of meat slicer you can use. As a new customer, you might be concerned about choosing the best meat slicer for use.

When buying a Best “Meat Slicers” there are many styles to consider including brands, Power and Speed, Durability, Size, Cleaning, Safety.

We’ve researched Best Meat Slicers for Personal, Commercial, Home Use according to Customer reviews and Expert Guide to help you identify the best one for you.

The Best Meat Slicers on Editorial recommendations

Best Home USE NESCO FS-250 Meat Slicer

Best For ProfessionalChef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer

Best ValueCUSIMAX Meat Slicer

Best Commercial & Home Use Meat slicerBESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer

Best OverallOSTBA Meat Slicer

As there are so many varieties, it’s normal being flattered. Here, we have researched and found out the 7 best meat slicers for you.

Each one brings a unique set of Pros and Cons to consider before buying a Meat Slicers.

7 Best Meat Slicers According to Customer Reviews and Expert Guide!

Nowadays, getting recommendations has become easier. But all of them are not authentic. So, you need to find out the authentic ones.

Here we are with the research-driven details, facts about products that will assist you to buy the best meat slicer according to your choice.

1-NESCO FS-250 Meat Slicer-Perfect For Home USE

I chose this one due to it’s mostly metal construction , adjustable , high quality and solid machine, which I found a huge plus beyond it’s durability because you’ll need stability to finely cut meats and cheeses safely. This is my first slicer so I do not have anything to really compare it to.

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There are many meat slicers outside. What features should the best meat slicers for the home have? Let’s have a look at the features of – NESCO FS-250- the best meat slicer.

The Blade: The blade is made of stainless steel and 8.7 inches in measurement. This larger size of the blade makes the machine go through less rotation making the motor work less. It has serrated edges that make the blade very capable of cutting through meats with even thickness. .

Easy Cleaning: The model is designed to be cleaned easily. The carriage can slide over. So you can tilt it over the sink and clean it. For more thorough cleaning, you can detach the blade and wash it easily.

Adjustable key: This provides you with an adjustable key. This key is to adjust the level of thickness. 

Detachable Parts: This slicer’s blade is detachable. It can be detached easily. It helps to clean thoroughly.    

What We Like-

  • This product contains a large blade of 8.7 inches
  • It has a stronger motor than average ones.
  • This has a super easy cleaning process.
  • It is super easy to disassemble and also assemble.

What We Don’t Like-

  • The meat slicer is heavier than other slicers. 
  • You may have problems when running it for 10 minutes straight or more.

7-Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer-Perfect for Professional Use of Home

Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer is great, heavy-duty body, quiet, efficient, easy to use, and clean. It’s perfect for Professional Use of Home
We now cut loaves of bread, lunch meat, vegetables sliced. Makes eating Whole Foods and healthy so much easier.

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Here, we got a product that is chosen by the professionals. Chefs like this one. So, what features Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer-choice of professionals has got for us?

Easy using procedure:  This just needs 2 steps for slicing meat. Firstly, put the meat into the sliding tray, pass it over the blade and turn on the slicer. Next, slide the control button and pull! That’s it.

Fine structure: The outlook of this slicer is rugged. 

This slicer has been made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. It also has a metal pusher.

Multi-purpose blade: This has a long and edgy blade. This blade is used for a variety of foods.    

Durability: This meat slicer is made of long lasting materials. So it has a long durability.  

What We Like

  • This slicer is more powerful than others.
  • This has an easy operating system.
  • It is made of long lasting material.
  • It has versatile blades.

What We Don’t Like

  • Power sourcing is not so good.
  • It cannot hold frozen meats firmly

3-CUSIMAX Meat Slicer-Best Value Meat Slicer

Why Choose Cusimax Meat Slicer?
Professional Level of Equipment that Achieves, The quality of the slicer is very good, easy to use, low noise, sharp blade, and the sliced ​​meat are thin and even.

If you’re looking for a very reasonably priced meat & cheese slicer that is user friendly and not a huge hassle to clean up, this is an excellent option—the value equation I exceptional!

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This is the last best meat slicer home use that we are presenting here. It can change your selection, right? So, let’s dig into the features of -CUSIMAX Meat Slicer – the efficient slicer.

Advanced Design: This product claims to have an advanced bearing and belt drive structure. This slicer does not need lubricants while operating.

Easy Cleaning: You do not need to worry about cleaning up the food hidden in it. It contains a hidden track design and also a removable blade. These will help you to clean the machine easily. Moreover, these are dishwasher safe, so it will be easy to clean.

 Different Thickness: It has a high-quality blade. You can adjust the thickness from super thin to thick to slice various food. 

What We Like:

  • This is powerful and stable.
  • It helps you to produce even slices.
  • This is easy to operate
  • It is safe to use
  • This slicer works efficiently.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The blade is quite tough to sharpen
  • You will not be able to slice frozen meat

4-BESWOOD 10″ Premium Meat Slicer-Best Commercial & Home Use Meat slicer

This is a very high-quality machine that could easily be used for light commercial purposes.

We used it to slice who home-roasted turkey breast, homemade shoulder roast beef, semi-frozen shoulder for beef jerky, and even loaves of homemade bread.

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Here we are with another best meat slicer for home use. Do you know that it also has nice features? If, No, then, let’s check the features of – BESWOOD 10” Premium – best slicer for home.

Powerful: This machine comes up with a 240-watt motor. It also includes a top-quality blade. The 240-watt motor is very capable of working fast. This blade and motor help you to work fast.

No noise: You may think that a large food slicer with a 240-watt motor would be so noisy. But it is not! The motor is stored in a body made of aluminum. This aluminum keeps the noise inside.

Blade: It also includes a top-quality blade. This blade helps you to work precisely. It’s a great thing to have.  

Strong Structure: This slicer has a strong body structure. This helps you with the slicing.   

What We Like

  • It has a powerful machine of a 240-watt moto.
  • This has a blade of 10 inches, plated with chromium.
  • It has a strong body
  • It does not vibrate while operating.  
  • This machine does not make any noise.

What We Don’t Like

  • This machine is very heavyweight. It is 33 pounds.
  • It is a large machine that needs a lot of space.

5-Chefman Electric Deli Meat Slicer– Great Slicer for the Price!

Although the Chefman is not a commercial-grade build, it is certainly acceptable for home use. Excellent addition to your kitchen, food truck, a small restaurant, or as a gift.

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This product’s name is kind of interesting. Isn’t it? However, the smallest size slicer can be the best home meat slicer. Let’s see – Chefman Electric Deli- the smallest one has to offer.

Easy Using Procedure: It has a powerful 180-Watt AC motor. It has a blade made of serrated stainless-steel. The blade is 8.6 inches, so it is easy for foods to glide through the slicer. This helps you to cut up the food easily in time.

Sleek Design: This slicer is small with a compact design. T. This small-sized slicer is lightweight. 

Easy Cleaning: This has a dishwasher-safe food carriage which can release quickly. This helps to clean even more simply. These can be cleaned easily.

What We Like-

  • This has sturdy non-slippery feet.
  • This is easy to use.
  • It provides safety guards to ensure safe slicing.
  • Easy removal of blade and carriage.

What We Don’t Like

● It can’t handle heavy work.

6-Maxi-Matic Elite Platinum Meat Slicer-My Favorite Meat Slicer

Looking for a way to enjoy your favorite salamis, hard cheeses, or meats without having to run out to the store every other day?

The Elite Platinum meat slicer will make the excellent housewarming, birthday, anniversary, retirement, or Christmas present!

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This is one of the best home meat slicers nowadays. So, let’s go to and check the features of – Maxi-Matic Elite – the ultimate home meat slicer.

Precise Cutting: This is a multipurpose meat slicer. This allows any kind of slicing. You just have to adjust the desired thickness for your food! You can easily choose the size from the razor and start slicing.

Easy Cleaning: It has been designed for easy cleaning. The slicer comes with a removable blade having serrated edges. You can easily remove the blade from the compartment and clean it thoroughly. It has sturdy and non-slippery construction. This helps to keep it in place while cleaning. 

Assembling: It is an easy assembling slicer. You can detach the blade out of the compartment easily. Again attaching the blade is also very easy that helps you assembling it. 

Durability: This has a long durability as it is mainly made of cast iron- these kinds of metals are needed to make your product more reliable.

What We Like

  • It is made of cast iron which has long durability.
  • This provides precisely cut meats.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Disassembling and reassembling the slicer is easy.

What We Don’t Like-

  • It does not work with short strokes.
  • The plastic on the blade is not of good quality.

7-OSTBA Meat Slicer– Best Overall

The meat slicer includes a serrated blade to slice different foods, beef, deli, frozen meat, cheese, bread, vegetable, fruits, saving your time of preparing.

If you need super thin meat or cheese, OSTBA meat slicer is perfect for you, I would recommend this to friends & family or anyone who frequently cooks large cuts of meat.

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This is the last best meat slicer home use that we are presenting here. This can be your one! So, let’s go and dive into the features of “OSTBA Meat Slicer Electric meat slicer.

Precisely cut meat: You can cut the meat precisely with this slicer. The precisely cut meats look like a chef’s cut. This slicer has an adjustable thickness system. From super thin to 3 or 4’’ thick approximately.

Proper protection: You need to press both the safety lock & power button simultaneously to start the slicer and avoid mistakes. It has non-slippery suction cup feet. While operating, these keep the slicer stable.

Easy cleaning: The most attractive feature of this slicer is its removable parts. It provides you with a removable ring-guard cover. This cover helps you to prevent the building up of debris on the surface. You can remove the blade, carriage, extension, and also the food pusher. So, it is easy for you to clean this easily.

What We Like

  • It will provide you with precisely cut meats. 
  • This device has proper safety and hygiene maintenance 
  • This device has a serrated blade 

What We Don’t Like

  • It can’t slice through frozen meat.   

We consider quality, features, and value when narrowing down the best choices possible and bring you our list of the top 5 best meat slicers review available now.

If you are looking for a Best Home Meat Slicers for you everyday use,

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How to Choose the Best in Home Meat Slicer – Buying Guide 

Finding a perfect product based on your need is a bit tough. But it becomes easier if you know where to focus. And here we are to assist you with that. Are you interested? If yes, then why wait for more? Let’s dig into the main part.

How to use meat slicer

There are some easy steps to use meat slicer. If you see the procedures are relevant then you should go for that product.  

● Step 1: Placing the meat into the carriage 

● Step 2: Turn on the adjuster knob to adjust the thickness 

● Step 3: Turn the switch on and push the handle.

● Step 4: Push the carriage back and start slicing. 

● Step 5: When you have cut enough slices then turn the slicer off.

How to clean meat slicer

There are some easy steps to use meat slicer; mostly these will provide you the easiest manner in terms of usages. So, if you get any kind of those attributes in those products, pick that up. 

● Step 1: Unplug the machine and set the blade to zero.

● Step 2: Start with wiping away large food particles and then disassemble the machine. 

● Step 3: Start washing, then rinse and sanitize all parts. 

● Step 4: You can use a small brush on the slicer to scrub small areas.

● Step 5: You need to allow the slicer to air dry and then reassemble.

Types of Slicer

Typically, there are mainly two types of the meat slicer. 

One is “Manual meat slicer” and the other one is “Electric meat slicer” You need to choose the type first. What type of meat slicer you recommend. Electric or Manual?

Before that, you must go through the pros and cons of both types. Then, you should select the one that is more helpful for you. 


After choosing the type of machine you need to be sure about the materials of the machine. A good machine will be made of good and proper materials.

The perfect materials for a meat slicer are stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, etc. Before buying you must check on the materials first. 


Motor is the vital part of a meat slicer. There are various motors outside. But you need the perfect one for you. Because every motor does not work efficiently.

So, you need to check out the quality and work efficiently of the motor before buying a meat slicer.   


We can say that blades are the most important part of a meat slicer. Blades can be of many types. You need to make sure that the blade is of top-notch quality.

It can have serrated edges that help to cut meat finely. You should know these things. You need to ensure a good type of blade before buying.

Using the procedure of meat slicer

If you look around, you will see various types of meat slicer out there. Usually, a meat slicer has some basic techniques to be used. But, nowadays people are inventing new types of the slicer.

These new slicers have different techniques to be used. So, you should keep that in mind and search. Before buying a slicer you should ask for a user manual. From that manual, you can learn how to use meat slicers.     


Cleaning Process

The one thing you should consider most is the cleaning process. But, sometimes it is not that easy. Some slicers do not have removable blades and those are tough to clean.

Some slicers do have removable blades. Those slicers are easy to clean. So, you need to ensure that the slicer has a good cleaning system. But there is another question.

How often should a meat slicer be cleaned? If you use it constantly then you should clean it every four hours. But other than that you can wash it after every use.


Now, lastly the most important thing is the budget. What characteristics the meat slicer has! The main factor or thing is budget. Your budget will change your selection.

So, before buying any of these you need to compare your budget with the price range. Then you will understand what you can have according to your budget.

So, these are the factors that you should consider in the first place whenever you buy a meat slicer. There is a wide range of various types of meat slicers.

You must buy one carefully. Considering these factors will help you to choose the best one for you.


We hope that you have gone through all the details. And I hope you picked the BESWOOD 10″ Premium best slicer for home use” from the 5 best welders for home use. That’s great! It means you went through the whole research. 

We hope that you found it helpful. So the time you gave us turned out worthy. Right? Yes, it is! Congratulations, on taking this step, and understanding your betterment. Thank you for staying with us.

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