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Best Home Meat Slicers in 2020 | Meat Slicer for Home use, Commercial and More

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A good meat slicer allows you to make quick and precise cuts of meat, cold cuts, potatoes, veggies, and more! It can also save hundreds of dollars a year from the butcher.

If you prefer roast beef, capicola, corned beef, prosciutto, or good old-fashioned roast ham and turkey this Home meat slicer is perfect for you.
Also, we added top Home use, Commercial”Meat Slicers” brands with the latest product.

When buying a “Best Home Meat Slicers” there are many styles to consider including “Motor, Blades, Weight, Size, features ,durability, brand reputation and more”

The Best Home Meat Slicers on Editorial recommendations

Best Meat Slicer Overall- OSTBA Meat Electric Deli Food Slicer

Best For Home useChef’sChoice 609-A Premium Electric Meat Slicer

Best AffordableChefman Die-Cast Electric Deli and Food Slicer

Best Multifunctional Meat SlicerKWS 10- Inch Meat Slicer

Best Commercial Meat SlicerMeat Slicer 10″ Blade Commerci

Preparing mouth-watering slices of meat at your convenience is the desire of any chef. Chopping meat using a kitchen knife is a thing in the past. And most victims of the injuries caused during the entire process tend.

Meat slicers come to give you fantastic slices of meat just as you like. The good thing is, they help to enhance the taste and offer tons of versatility.

In other words, Best Home Meat Slicers can slice bread, cheese, and any different types of food. Thus, they tend to be an essential tool that suits any modern kitchen. Moreover, they facilitate the easy preparation of food, especially in large homes.

However, they come in many styles, design, and perform in different ways at varying speeds. As a result, it becomes pretty hard for novice chefs to pick one that suits their desires. Need help? Don’t worry as we got your back on this.

We’ve researched “Best Home Meat Slicers” according to Customer reviews and Expert Guide to help you identify the best one for you.

1- OSTBA Meat Electric Deli Food SlicerHighly Efficient and Best Meat Slicer Overall

OSTBA Electric Meat Slicer starts as the perfect solution for making you a good chef at home. I would recommend this to friends & family or anyone who frequently cooks large cuts of meat. I sliced roasted beef, smoked ham, turkey breast and even bread.

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It comes with an adjustable thickness ranging from super thin to about ¾ -inch thick. Therefore, you can conveniently slicer types of food like meat, vegetables, and fruits. This makes it incredibly versatile hence the best choice for most homeowners.

Moreover, the OSTBA Electric Meat Slicer boasts a child safety on/off button. This makes it safer for use even by children but under supervision.

Besides that, the power button initiates the slicing process without any mistaken operation. The best part is, it has a sharp, 7.5-inch stainless steel serrated blade driven by 150 watts motor for a fast and high yield slicing power. Thus, it ensures a consistent, sharp cut for all types of food.

Additionally, it has an all-in-one design with a removable blade, food tray, slide-rod extension, and food pusher. So, you will have fun as you thoroughly clean and sanitize this handy kitchen tool.

Interestingly, the ring-guard cover restricts the build-up of food debris in the cutting surfaces to make cleaning a breeze. To add on that, this slicer has four rubber feet at the bottom to keep it stable as you operate it.

What We Like

  • Customizable slicing thickness ensures you get your desired food slices
  • Detachable parts make cleaning a breeze
  • Sharp and universal stainless steel blade lasts and cuts all kinds of food
  • Designed to give ultimate safety for all users

What We Don’t Like

  • Nothing in particular

2- Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli and Food Slicer–Best Affordable

Get a Durable Slicing Experience with This One

Chefman Die-Cast Electric Food Slicer offers you the best solution for slicing your favorite foods easily and precisely. You will find it with an adjustable thickness dial to let you customize food slices just the way you want.

I would recommend it for anyone who cuts meat and freezes it monthly and or who is looking for an easier way to slice roast beef, jerky, just about anything.

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Besides that, it comes with a detachable and sheathable 7.5-inch toothed stainless steel blade. And, the die-cast aluminum construction makes it incredibly durable and simplifies the cleaning process.

To add to that, this food slicer has a powerful 180watt AC motor. Hence, it ensures excellent gliding of food through the slicer for perfect slicing results. Interestingly, its design comes with a food pusher and a blade protector. They help to protect your hands from the sharp blade as you using. Moreover, the on/off switch provides extra safety to let you cut safely and get a customized yet clean slices always.

The Chefman Electric food slicer has a sleek and space-saving design to fit on small cabinets and countertops with ease. This makes it flexible in operation as you can move it from one room to another without a hassle.

Also, it has been approved by cETL with safety advanced technology to give an efficient yet long-lasting food slicing performance. Plus, a one-year free warranty offered assures quality satisfaction.

What We Like

  • Effortless to clean thanks to the detachable parts
  • The sleek and compact design makes it best for use in tight spaces
  • Designed to give an ultimately safe slicing experience
  • Easy to customize food slices thickness to suit your wants

What We Don’t Like

  • Not all parts are removable hence makes cleaning them a bit tricky

3- Chef’sChoice 609 Premium Electric Meat & Food Slicer–Best For Home use

Are you looking for the best Home use meat slicer that will help you prepare food for a large family? I am 100% satisfied and highly recommend this product. It slices anything you can think of. I’ve used it for chicken, beef, ham, cheese, sausage, onions, and more.

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Well, CHEF’SChoice Electric Food Slicer should be the best choice for you. It comes with a sizeable tilted carriage design to enhance a fast and efficient slicing process. Besides that, it has a versatile 7-inch knife-edge made of stainless steel. Thus, it slices through a variety range of food with convenience. Plus, the giant food capacity carriage can retract fully to allow slicing of extra-large foods as desired.

It boasts a cast of aluminum stainless steel construction to guarantee you a long life food slicing performance.

A powerful, cool-running, and high torque motor in this handy food slicer ensures smooth performance for excellent results. Also, it has a precision thickness control ideal for slicing an extensive range of foods like meat, bread, cheese, and vegetables from thin deli slices to about ¾-inch thick slices.

Furthermore, the CHEF’SChoice Food Slicer has a very simple to clean structure. Thanks to the detachable blade, food gait, pusher, and deflector. The constant on/off switch and a sole safety switch. In turn, it ensures that the food carriage gets secured in a lock position to inhibit access to the blade while it is in operation.

What We Like

  • Reliable unit suitable for all your food slicing needs
  • Excellent quality with an easy to use and clean design
  • Made to last long enough to give a satisfying performance

What We Don’t Like

  • The internal plastic gear gets easily damaged

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4- KWS 10- Inch Meat Slicer–Best Multifunctional Meat Slicer

The KitchenWare Station MS-10NT 10” high-quality Teflon blade commercial semi-automatic meat slicer is perfect for slicing meats(recommended), vegetables, cheeses, and fruits smoothly, quickly, and effortlessly.

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MS-101NT Premium Electric Meat Slicer comes with a 10-inch high-quality Teflon blade that makes it a semi-automatic meat slicer. Thus, it is the best unit perfect for best commercial meat slicer for home use , caterers, and chefs.

It boasts a 320watt of power-driven motor ideal for quick and effortless slicing of meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. The good thing is, it gives food slices with a thickness of 0 to 10mm with ease to suit your desires.

Moreover, MS-101NT Premium Electric Meat Slicer features and inbuilt dual whetstone sharpener and ring guard assembly for the blade. Therefore, it is super easy to keep a sharp edge of the blade sharpened edge and ensures it’s safer for use.

Besides that, the blade has a high-quality stainless steel construction with Teflon coating. Plus, the entire housing of this unit features an aluminum alloy. This makes it incredibly durable as it is less likely to corrode.

Additionally, the design of this meat slicer restricts the build-up of meat residue. So, you don’t need to wipe excess slices off the blade more often during slicing.

The skid-proof rubber feet help secure the slicer on a countertop while slicing for more comfortable and stable operation. More importantly, it has an easily removable food carriage tray for effective and hygienic cleaning.

What We Like

  • Skid-proof rubber feet ensures ultimate stability
  • Excellent slicing performance best for commercial use
  • High-quality construction for enhanced durability
  • Effortless to maintain thanks to the in-built sharpener and removable design

What We Don’t Like

  • Not best for compact spaces

5-Weston 61-0901-W Meat and Food Slicer–Achieve your Favorite Slicing Thickness with This One

The Weston 61-0901-W is yet another best meat and slicer you can get on the market with ultimate functionality. It entirely cuts thin and even steaks and chops, making it suitable for your home kitchen. If you just want a self cleaning machine or if you want to run a meat deli business on it is a different story

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Besides that, this unit features a removable 9-inch stainless steel blade for easy cleaning. The heavy-duty anodized aluminum construction makes it incredibly strong and lasts long.

Other than that, this meat slicer comes with an adjustable thickness control knob. Therefore, you can slice food from deli thin to over 0.5-inch thick depending on your desire.

Plus, the food pusher with teeth included gives a controlled slicing operation. The best part is, Weston 61-0901-W Meat Slicer boasts a powerful belt-driven 150watt motor. Thus, it ensures fast and excellent slicing performance without any noise.

Furthermore, the sturdy base and suction cup feet help keep the slicer in place for a steady and secure slicing operation. Its compact design makes it easier to store and transport. Also, the tilt-out tray in this elite meat slicer gives users easy time to clean.

What We Like

  • Made of durable and high-quality materials for long life slicing
  • Straight forward to clean thanks to the detachable blade and tilt-out tray
  • It is versatile as it allows for a customized thickness for food slices
  • Compact designed makes it easy to store and transport

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic gear tends to wear out easily

6-Meat Slicer 10″ Blade Commerci–Best Commercial Meat Slicer

Are you looking for a top-class meat and food slicer for commercial purpose? Whether you intend to use it in a restaurant, butcher shops, delis, or even your home, this unit is undoubtedly the best pick.

This machine is specifically designed for commercial use in restaurants, commercial kitchens, butcher shops, delis, farms, and even home use. It’s perfect for slicing massive beef, venison, mutton, turkey, cheese, ham, bread, vegetable, fruit, and other food.

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It Comes with a powerful 240 watts motor with a semi-automatic design. Therefore, expect a more efficient slicing performance to suit your desires. 

Other than that, the high-quality stainless steel construction makes it incredibly durable to withstand the rigorous operation. Plus, a safekeeping device added ensures a smooth yet precise slicing and works continuously without a fuss.

Furthermore, it has skid-proof rubber feet give this unit a sturdy grip for convenient use on a table.

When it is about giving a more secure operation, the New 10-Inch Blade Meat Food Slicer does its perfection. This is to means that it has a fixed device handle that helps to push the fixed meat for a secure slicing operation.

Thus, it helps to protect your fingers from getting chopped by the sharp rotary blade. The on/off switch protected with a waterproof cover to ensure easy and safe usage. Interestingly, this unit boats an inbuilt whetstone sharpener to keep a sharp edge blade for excellent slices of food.

What We Like

  • Designed with a powerful motor for heavy-duty yet efficient performance
  • It lets you customize the thickness of slices as you desire
  • Made to enhance a safe operation for the user
  • High quality and durable construction assures excellent user satisfaction

What We Don’t Like

  • It tends to be hard to clean

7-Chef’sChoice 615A Electric Meat Slicer–High Performance Slicer at an Affordable price

The Model 615A is the perfect solution for home and professional chefs seeking innovative options for preparing meals, entertaining cost-effectively, controlling portions, and enjoying freshly sliced foods.

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It comes as a highly versatile meat slicer you can always count on. The components that make this unit include cast aluminum and stainless steel. Therefore, you can rest assured that it will last you for a longer period to withstand your daily rigors slicing operation.

Besides that, the Chefs choice 615A Electric Meat Slicer boasts a quality metal alloy blade. Thus, it slices a variety range of meats, fruits, vegetables, among others.

Also, its cantilever design delivers well-sliced meat directly to the platter allowing for easy collection.

Furthermore, this slicer comes with an extraordinary powerful high torque motor with a gear drive. So, you can adjust the slicing speed with convenience to suit your desires.

The best part is, its sleek construction includes a tilted food carriage designed to enhance a fast and efficient slicing. And, the food pusher has metal construction for easy grip without slipping for safe slicing performance.

What We Like

  • High-quality construction for incredible strength and durability
  • Handsome design makes it attractive
  • Easily to clean thanks to the removable parts
  • High performing slicer with an affordable price

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks an inbuilt sharpener

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Everything You Need to Know About the Best Meat Slicer | How to choose the Perfect Meat Slicer

How to use a Meat Slicer

Regardless of the size and shape of your meat slicer, the operational procedures are the same. Firstly, wash your hands thoroughly because you are going to deal with food. Raise the clamp arm and swing it away from the surface of the meat slicer.

Put your meat load onto the carriage and ensure it stays in place with the clamp arm. Choose your preferred thickness by adjusting the knob, switch the unit on to start slicing. With your right hand, push the carriage back and forth to move the bulk meat past the swiveling blades for complete slicing.

Secure the sliced meat on a collecting bow with the help of your left hand. Once finished, switch the unit off, and keep your sliced meat in a safe place. Wrap the unsliced meat and store it in a fridge. Wipe, wash it clean, and safely store it.

How to clean a Meat Slicer

For effective cleaning, you need to wear cut-resistant gloves. Reset the blades’ thickness to zero, safely remove the slice deflector, food tray, and then the middle dish. Clean, disinfect, and leave the parts to dry.

Remove slicer’s blades and clean them thoroughly using a degreaser, detergent, or soap. Clean both the exterior and interior parts with great care, let them dry.


The type of meat slicer determines overall performance and efficiency. The manual and electric meat slicers are the most common types. With the manual meat slicer, you have to move the cutting blades up and down. It’s, therefore, labour intensive but emotionally rewarding.

 On the other side, electric meat slicers have motor-driven blades that simplify the slicing process. Besides, some of them operate automatically and tend to be more efficient and reliable. The manual models are becoming outdated; therefore, we advocate for the electric meat slicers.


A unit with a solid construction of reliable aluminum cast body and blades made of stainless steel materials will be the best choice if you want a lasting performance—as such, slicing through any piece of meat won’t be a problem anymore.

Speed and power

Nothing is disappointing than your unit slicing meat or food at a prolonged rate. It makes you lose your patience and regret why you ever bought it. Therefore, it’s imperative to check for the best meat slicer whose motor is efficient and faster in operation without compromising your energy bills.

Size and number of blades

Meat slicers tend to come with differently sized and numbered blades. More blades mean reliable and excellent performance. The blade size dictates on how thick or thin your meat slices should be. When shopping for these food slicing devices, it would be great to go for those units with several blades with different sizes for a full customized meat slicing experience.


Always ensure that the unit you want to buy has safety features, including the on and off switch and other functions. Check also on the tilting of the food carriage for extra safety. It should have a warranty for satisfaction. So, that in the event of any occurrence of a problem, you will fully get covered.


To sum it all up, meat slicers happen to be among the most versatile and functional kitchen appliances, any modern kitchen must-have. They provide excellent slices of not only meat but also other types of food you want to slice.

However, you need the right meat slicer that will do all that with ultimate convenience.

With the above best meat slicers, you can rest assured to get the best slicing experience you never had. They come with different designs, sizes, qualities, and prices to ensure that everyone has what they want at a suitable budget.

Above all, our richly detailed buying guide will help you best home use meat slicer and compare , narrow down your selections to the right appliance. 

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