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best gas grills under 200

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Gas grills are the blessing for those who have a tight budget to buy grills. Because an available grill will cost minimum 300$ to 500$. It is the natural price of grills. Many can’t think to get a best gas grills under $500.

When buying a “Gas grills” there are many styles to consider, including Burners, Construction, Build Quality. Each one brings a unique set of pros and cons to consider before buying gas grills.

Best gas grills under 200 dollars on Editorial recommendations

Best little GrillWeber Liquid Propane Grill

Best Portable Grill- Char-Broil Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

Best Camping Grill Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill

Best Travel Grill Weber “Go anywhere” Gas Grill

Best Outdoor Grill – MARTIN Portable Propane Gas Grill

Best Value in this Price Flame King Mounted Gas Grill

There a gas grill comes with too little cost. Besides, these grills can perform best to make grill at home and outdoor. You will get a much crowd of thousands of gas grills in the market. It may make you confused about the quality product.

We’ve researched “Best Gas Grills” according to Customer reviews and Expert Guide to help you identify the best one for you.

Best rated gas grills under $200 reviews

We are working on a home appliance research center. Recently, we have completed extensive research on grills UNDER 200.

1-Weber Liquid Propane Grill Best little Grill

Are you looking for the smaller size gas grill? You can think first about the weber liquid propane grill. It is suitable for both home and outdoor use. There have many logics to choose this gas grills.

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Firstly, it comes with a stainless-steel burner. And this Burner can produce 8500 BTU heat per hour. And it is quite right to cover the full cooking area. 

Now come to the build materials. Firstly, the cooking grate is made from enameled cast iron. And we know the enameled cast iron is how much durable. Likewise, here have an aluminum lid and body. The aluminum lid can hold the maximum heat. 

In the lid closed condition, its dimension is 14.5H x 27W x 16.5D inches. And the weight is 26.6 pounds. 


We recommend this gas grill for the small family and outdoor trip. It is extraordinarily compacted and efficient. 

Key Features: 

  • It is a most compacted liquid gas grill for home and outdoors.
  • Spacious cooking area and proper heating
  • Durable body, lid and cooking grates


  • Smaller and lightweight
  • Unlimited Burner controlling
  • Fully assembled


  • There is no grievance about this grill

2. Char-Broil Infrared Liquid Propane Gas GrillBest Portable Grill

Are you interested in buying a medium-size gas grill for outdoor trips? We suggest to pick up the Char-Broil In fared gas grill. It is a best sale on gas grills machine. Mainly, the built-in travel feature increases its popularity. 

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The specialty of Char-Broil that it comes with an aluminum Firefox. Good to know the Firefox can correctly flow the smoke and cooking. Similarly, you are getting dual latches of steel. Moreover, a temperature gauge also included with this grill. 

We liked the 200 square inches sizes cooking grate area. Besides, there has infrared technology to cook with less flare. Burner heat is 9,500 BTU. The overall dimension is 23.7″W x 15.7″D x 13.6″H. 


We strongly recommend this gas grill for any outdoor trips like camping, hunting and tailgating.

The key features:

  • A medium-size liquid gas grill built for outdoor travel
  • TRU infrared technology to prevent the direct flare
  • Durable Firefox, lid and body materials
  • A temperature gauge and timer are also coming with it 


  • Best portable design makes the travel easier
  • The temperature gauge is god to measure the heat
  • It is lightweight 
  • It doesn’t get spots from the hot and cold food


  • It may create a problem with temperature gauge

3. Cuisinart BTU Portable Gas GrillBest Portable  Grill Ever

If you love to get a best small grill under $200 with the lowest price, we believe the Cuisinart BTU grill will work best for you. It is an over popular latest model from Cuisinart brand. We think it is one piece of happiness in your home or outdoor. 

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The cooking grate is made of enameled steel. You can use the 146 square inches cooking space. And this steel grate is more comfortable to wash and dry within a short time. Then, it’s 8000 BTU burner is quite suitable for heat. 

It would help if you had propane tank to use this gas grill. As a result, you can easily transport it in several places. The lid has a locked system. The locked system allows you to carry it easily. 

Good to know the measurement is 19 x 11. 5 x 10 inches and weight are 10 pounds. 


Overall, we recommend this smallest gas grill for two or three people. So, you can pick it up for your outdoor camping or travelling.

The Key Features:

  • A smallest size gas grill with great portability
  • It comes with knob ignition, locked lid and 8000 BTU burner
  • Very lightweight, compacted and durable


  • It comes with full assembled
  • Up to three-year warranty
  • Portable to carry anywhere


  • Very few users felt a problem with the handle

4. Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas GrillBest Camping Grill

Cuisinart petit comes with highest burner power. Likewise, it is a medium-size gas grill with versatile benefits. So, if you need to use a grill for several conditions, then you can go with it. It comes with a 160 square inches cooking space with porcelain enameled grate.

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So, it will provide you with enough space to cook giant food together as well as, this grate can distribute the total heat overall. 

Also, a 5000 BTU can give you the best heat controlling power. Likewise, it consists of a twist for electric ignition. You are getting an excellent temperature gauge. 

The dimension is 19 x 11. 5 x 10 inches where the weight is 17 pounds. Remember, it is a freestanding grill. So, you can use this with average height. Similarly, it is featured on the telescopic stand. 


Cuisinart Petit is good for the medium size family tour. However, it is also suitable for small spaces at your home. So, you can take it up for versatile use. 

The Key Features:

  • A premium quality gas grill with an enameled steel grate and ultimate BTU
  • Spacious cooking space will allow you to cook 5-6 person together
  • Including a temperature gauge and versatile stand
  • A locked lid and briefcase-style handle also comes with this grill


  • It has three years limited warranty. 
  • Quick heat distribution
  • Portable carrying handle
  • A locked lid


  • NO any notable cons

5. Weber “Go anywhere” Gas Grill Best Travel Grill

It is a smart choice for travel anywhere. This redesigned gas grill comes with more features. You can use it for any outdoor camping. We love this grill for stylish design and efficient cooking quality. 

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The cooking grate material is porcelain enameled. Porcelain can provide equal heat overall with the grate. Besides, it can prevent the natural flare. So, the food will perfect cook. Even it can perform great with a low-temperature setting.

A porcelain base and lid increase the value of “go anywhere” gas grill. Besides, a kind of steel legs has to lock the lid. So that it doesn’t open during travel. Its dimension is 12.2 x 21 x 14.5 inches, and weight are 13.5 pounds. We also let you know; this grill is of full black color. 


 You can use this gas grill for any travel. There cannot use this great grill. 

The Key Features:

  • A unique gas grills with a modern, sleek design
  • It comes with enameled steel base, lid and grate
  • Having a temperature gauge to control the heat
  • A carrying handle to travel anywhere


  • Affordable gas grill
  • Suitable for any outdoor camping
  • Durable build


  • Only one color and size available

6. MARTIN Portable Propane Gas GrillBest Outdoor Grill

Are you looking for a larger size gas grill? Nothing can be more convenient than martin gas grill. We have researched on it as the larger size best gas grill under $ 200. Not only the size, but it is also best for quality and durability. Besides, a lot of wow features has come with this grill. 

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So, first of all, let’s talk about Burner. It comes with a U shape burner. In this particular shape, your food can get equal heat from all sides.

Besides, this Burner consists of 14000 BTU power. At the same time, the porcelain grate and steel lid are price worthy. 

After then, we must have to praise the folding legs. Folding legs allows you to set up and closed the grill quickly.

At the same time, the adjustability is so lovely. For example, you can adjust the heat in a different setting. Generally, you might want to cook several types of meat. 

The full grill size is 24.02 x 14.57 x 16.54 inches, and weight is 20 pounds. Do note that it is a stainless-steel color. 


In a word, it is the best grill for larger size and medium-size family trip. Likewise, you can buy it for use at home.

The Key Features:

  • A medium-larger size gas grill with 14000 BTU Burner controlling power
  • Folding legs provides the easy setup and fold up
  • Best temperature adjusting feature to cook several foods
  • Including a grease tray to keep clean the grill area
  • Spacious 354 square inches cooking areas


  • The tubular you shape burner
  • Spacious and retractable rack
  • Folding legs


  • It is comparatively heavier

7. Flame King Mounted Gas Grill Best Value in this Price

Another well-rated grill named is flame king mounted grill. It is for those who are especially fond of RV grills. And we notice on its unique features. Likewise, exterior design and portability are charming. 

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The first things catch our mind is the separator bracket between the BBQ and grill section. It is an excellent feature which everyone wants to get. Then it has a 12000 BTU flame controlling burner. 

For grilling, there has a 214 square inches size deck—similarly, a convenient size BBQ deck on the grill section. You can use this as a mountable or standing grill. Most uniquely, it has a lock retainer pin so that you can keep securing yourself and others. 

Do note the size is 22 x 11 x 17 inches. At the same time, remember the weight is 22.7 pounds. It is a full black color grill. And you will get another model with these same features. 


We recommend this gas grill for those who love to get advanced features. Because this medium-size gas grill comes with upgrades features. 

The Key Features:

  • An advanced gas grill for medium to larger family or friend circle
  • Individual cooking grates for the BBQ and grill section
  • Larger cooking space with maximum flame controlling
  • It comes with both mounted and freestanding system


  • The locking pins ensure safety
  • Separate cooking area
  • Highly flame control


  • You may face problem to set up the bracket.

8. Char-Broil Portable 240 Liquid Propane Gas GrillGreat Grill for Tailgates, Camping, Beach

If you are fond of choosing the best gas grill for tailing or camping, then char portable broil grill will work best for you. It arrives with the table-mounted and ground-mounted system. In the meantime, the cooking space is good enough. 

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First of all, look at the build. It is super durable for steel material. Then the ignition system is work excellent for quick start-up. Most noteworthy, the legs are incredibly durable. So, you can easily install it up anywhere. 

Hence, best gas grills for under $200 has an excellent temperature controlling gauge. So, you can monitor the heat condition after a period. As a result, you will get perfectly cooked food. 

Its cooking area is 240 square inches. We want to let you know the dimension is 16.20 x 24.80 x 13.30 inches. And the weight is 21.3 pounds. 


It is an overall great performer for any types of outdoor trips. If you want to get the all excellent features within a gas grill, then go with this propane gas grill. 

The Key Features:

  • A tremendous overall grill for small sizes family or friend circle
  • The temperature controlling gauge comes with this grill
  • Durable steel body ensures a long-lasting stability
  • Ample cooking space and ignition system


  • Limited price
  • Best portable
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Only black color available

Buying Guide-How to choose the best gas grill 2021?

What Is a Gas Grill?

Gas grills are the most convenient gear to cook outdoor with gas. Most gas grills run on liquefied propane gas. However, you will get some gas grills run with the fuel system. But those fuel gas grills can’t use for outdoor trips. 

Gas grills are generally stylish to see. And it is very lightweight to transport your travel place. Most of the gas grills are made of enameled steel or enameled porcelain. That’s why gas grills are super durable. There have several best gas grills under $300

Moreover, gas grills come with quick-cooking benefits. You can make a burger or grill within a few minutes. 

 Are gas grills safe?

Gas grills are undoubtedly safe than a best charcoal grills under $200. But yet there has some risk factor. In the case of propane gas, there have some possibilities of a gas leak. A long-term leak problem may occur in a massive explosion.

However, no to be afraid of it. Because a few simple tips can keep you safe from danger, here are some crucial tips for you.

  • Never use a rusted or damaged propane gas tank
  • Avoid filling the tank with propane gas
  • Be careful during smoking in the cooking area, if possible, avoid it.
  • As well as the gas tank, you need to check out the gas grill before starting the cook.

Hopefully, you can do this correctly.

How long do gas grills last?

The gas grill is rugged due to the enamel material. You can use a gas grill for three years without any replacement. After then, you may need to replace some parts of the gas grills. 

However, the American statics put that most of the American used their grill on average 5 to 15 years. We can make sure you about the durability of at least ten years. 


Always look at the solid build material. We recommend making sure about the durability before buying a gas grill. In this case, you would notice on the grate, lid and body. And right to choose the porcelain or steel enameled material.

Cooking area:

How much food you can cook together depends on the cookingarea. It means the whole place inside the gas grill. You will get the grill cooking area range from 160 to 354 square inches. In this, some are larger, and some are medium to smaller. We recommend choosing the grill cooking area as per your requirements. 


The Burner is a point under the cooking grate. It creates the fire to cook the food. Generally, gas grill burner material is steel and cast iron. Each of the Burner comes with fixed BTU. And the BTU can control the heat. You will get different BTU burner. A high-power BTU is good enough to maintain the burner heat.  

Final Words:

In this guide, we have discussed on ever best gas grills under $200. These grills are tested in our lab. So, we are confident that these are quite good for you.

You can choose your favorite one from the above list. Your budget doesn’t matter. Because we enlisted the best gas grills under 200 dollars. Which are affordable. If you have any more question, let us know.

Hi, I’m Layla Lily .  I’m the author of this blog & Cooking Expert. I am working as a product researcher. Worked with all the products here and bought the best product. I really enjoy researching and writing about new products and technologies.

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