Best Burr Coffee Grinder for French Press

One common coffee saying is ‘behind every great barista, there is an even best burr grinder’, and the best burr grinder for french press on the market proves the reality of this statement.

If you are looking to savor wonderful coffee, you will need the best burr coffee grinder for the french press that can produce uniform particles. However, picking the right burr french press grinder is easier said than done.

There are various options on the market right now which makes it a tough option. However, do not worry. We have made this post containing the best burr Coffee Grinders on the market just for you!

A Quick Glance at our Favorites for 2021

Best For Overall- KRUPS Burr Coffee Grinder

Best ValueCuisinart Burr Coffee Grinder

Budget-Friendly- Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder

Our Top ChoiceOXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Best Burr Coffee Grinder for French Press Reviews

1. Best For Overall- KRUPS Burr Coffee Grinder

What we Like: Excellent Sound Choice for Coffee Grinder. America’s Test Kitchen Best Value! Just pulse your grinding. Excellent for coffee beans and spices

If you plan on using a French Press coffee grinder for home use I have to warn you that the grind will be very inconsistent.

What an amazing little grinder! KRUPS perpetuates the high standards of quality that have been set more than 150 years ago and puts Passion, Precision, and Perfection at the heart of each product.

I did some experimentation and discovered this Krups unit is recommended by a few well-regarded customer rating organizations for its ability to grind coffee. which is the sure first reason to purchase this French Press Coffee grinder and its smooth operation. I saw these observations to be correct.

My co-worker and I have used this almost every day since getting it over 3 months ago. It is easy to use and is good for making small to medium batches of coffee. The noise level is not very loud and it is easy to clean after using it. Also, able to grind beans for use in the coffee pot and drip coffee.

KRUPS Coffee Grinder grinds within seconds and comes with a lid to seal in the ground so you can even grind the night before and still have fresh coffee.

 if you aren’t picky about the grind size and would mostly be using coarse grounds for a French press, this is very easy to use and reasonably priced.

The only wrong thing is the grinds do overflow and the inner part (under the cup) gets dirty and I hate washing up coffee grinds!

Regularly unplug the KRUPS Burr Coffee Grinder before cleaning it. Ensure the coffee grinder, the power cord, and the plug stay dry. Do not use harsh detergents or abrasive scouring pads to refine the machine.

An absolute must for anyone that enjoys freshly ground “whole-bean” coffee made in a French Press! (compare to any chain coffee shop, you will never go back!). I’ve used KRUPS Burr Coffee Grinder  4 times and am very happy with it.


  • The spices were ground smooth and uniformly
  • Great for grinding spices too, easy to clean
  • Affordable option to grind fresh daily!
  • Versatile unit grinds all kinds of dry spices
  • Works well and has sufficient capacity for daily use
  • Good value for money & easy to operate


  • Noise level is jarring!
  • Be very careful about washing the grinder

2. Best Value- Cuisinart Burr Coffee Grinder

What we Like: Excellent grinder for the money. Durable, functional, good value, Best options, and price in my opinion for a burr grinder. It is Not a conical burr grinder

This is my second Burr Coffee grinder by Cuisinart. If you want to move away from k-cups and the guilt you may have from polluting landfills this along with a reusable mesh filter is the best way to go. Generally, beans in the hopper will lose some flavor over time but if you grind regularly and keep your “source” fresh you’ll find the flavor and nose of your coffee is better than your boxed k-cups.

 Flavor and smell aren’t the only advantages as you’ll likely also save $ purchasing whole beans. I’ve used many various beans from Costco to local shops and in both cases, the cost per cup is lower than a k-cup and the flavor is not comparable. You can set the number of cups you want to grind and the level of coarseness. Hit the switch and go!

The Cuisinart French Press Coffee grinder conveniently operates a half-pound of coffee beans in its hopper, ready to grind as much coffee as required. The ground beans are automatically forced into a little rectangular plastic container. You simply pull out the container, take its lid off, and scoop out the amount of ground coffee needed.

 I’ve set it for 4 cups, 8 cups, 10 cups and put the corresponding amount of water in the coffee maker. so far each size has been a good cup of coffee.

it will automatically stop at the right value of coffee for you (tell it 4 cups and it grinds four cups worth of beans… tell it 20 cups… and it does it.

Don’t use this if you’re deciding to not wake the dog, the baby or the wife cause the whole house will know you’ve revved up the stump grinder for action.

If you are an espresso snob, please add the extra money and buy the proper tools instead of being cheap and leaving bad reviews for quality products.


  • You have control over how your coffee is ground
  • Totally efficient, looks great, and cleans easily
  • Very convenient and time-saving
  • Adjustable for a variety of grinds
  • Easy to use and the automatic grinder is the best ever
  • Holds a lot of beans


  • It’s a little noisy and the hopper occasionally clogs
  • Pretty messy

3. Budget Friendly- Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder

What we Like: Best Grinder On So Many Levels!! Power, Speed, So Convenient, and No Mess! Easy, Cost-Effective Method for Good Coffee

If you’re looking for the most extraordinary, feature-packed grinder, then this one is reasonably not for you. In case, it’s not “one-touch” – you have to hold the grind button down until it stops automatically. But if you’re looking for an energetic, low-cost grinder, I highly suggest “Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder”!

We have been using this to grind coffee beans for our French press, many times a week for almost a year. It’s super easy to use, clean and you can modify the coarseness of the grind easily.

While I make coffee, I grind the beans, remove the chamber with the top, then shake the chamber with the top closed to make sure none of the grounds are stuck to the bottom.

This coffee grinder would be extraordinarily excellent for houses that vary the number of cups brewed (4 to 12) and/or the fineness of ground (coarse-medium-fine) favored.

I’m the only one drinking coffee in my office so it’s not worth grinding 10-18 servings at a time. I used to do one each day until I had my son and he doesn’t like the noise so I do max fill once a week or so alternately. I like that I can choose grind and cup amount and just push the button and it shuts itself off.

Mr. Coffee Burr Coffee Grinder motor is also powerful and will not bog down with the number of beans you grind and the fineness of the coffee grounds.

The plastic scraper is showing a little wear but this is not a major problem. If you fancy fresh ground coffee each day and don’t want to waste hundreds of dollars then choose this one


  • Great little coffee grinder
  • Really super job and easy to work
  • Simply add measured beans
  • It’s a great compact size and easy to store
  • Durable and reliable
  • Capacity to grind a 12 cup pot at a time


  • Little challenging to clean, but for the price, it can’t be beat!
  • Hard to turn on

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4. Simple & Great Quality- Baratza Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

What we Like: Best Budget Burr Grinder Around- Solid Entry Level Grinder- Reliable, precise grind for excellent coffee. Easy to use and clean. 6 years and still perfect. Amazing professional barista-level grinder.

If you are searching for the perfect espresso french press Burr grinder but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a grinder – rest your search. If you are ready to do periodic maintenance to keep the grinder running optimally every 1-2 weeks, Baratza’s best electric burr coffee grinder for french press will be your perfect choice.

Baratza truly made an outstanding burr component that delivers great fine grinds, down to fine espresso powder-like grinds. I purchased this for my parents as a gift after their Mr. Coffee grinder bit the dust.

This is a solid, secure, easy to use coffee grinder with precise grinds for every coffee type. Just load, turn on, let it grind then turn off. The only downside some people may find is that you cant just fill the hopper, chose an amount set, and grind.

The burr grinding makes a world of diversity in the taste of the coffee. It’s a bit loud, and not the most suitable to clean, but it is easy to overlook those shortcomings for the quality of the grind.

This grind operates very efficiently and consistently at grinding beans. It has a lot of fine arrangements for getting exactly the size you want. I also truly like the big switch on the side which can be turned in any command and the pulse button on the front.

One unusual and unadvertised point of the Baratza Encore burr grinder is that the grounds don’t stick to the ground coffee container – you don’t need a brush – they all just come out. In several grinders, the electrostatic charge on the grounds makes them stick. In others, like the blade grinders, the fine particles stick

After doing some research and looking for a grinder in my value range, the Baratza fit the bill.


  • A very good burr grinder, consistent and reliable one
  • A very quiet and high-quality grinder
  • Grinds coffee fast and multiple settings for coffee
  • Easy to use for varying grinds
  • low noise level, compact and sturdy, and easy to operate
  • Vast improvement over blade grinders


  • Clogs very easy, not easily cleaned
  • Makes a bit of a mess

5. Our Top Choice- OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

What we Like: Best design in an affordable burr grinder- Super Consistent Grind- Initial Impressions – Solid Burr Grinder

When buying the best burr coffee grinder for the french press, I hoped to find something I could set up to consistently sharpen the same amount of beans every time to keep my pots compatible without weighing out beans/grounds each time. This OXO Brew grinder is excellent for grinding coffee for various types of brewing methods.

We have a drip brewer and have ours set to coarseness 10 for 27 sec and that is best for 10 cups for our family. I grind originally coarse (10) for pour-over/drip brew & fine (3) for espresso and it produces both without issue.

 It has way more grind settings than you will ever use, but I do use the small additions to make some changes depending on the bean.

It is simple to use dial-in, just push the button for a pot of coffee or dial back the crushing time for less coffee. It is a bit noisy when grinding but it doesn’t take long so it is not an obstacle.

Finally, I love the adaptability and flexibility of this grinder. The only problems with the feed and the container are minor for how I use it and have not created any issues.

When working the machine does make noise, but it is not enough to wake up someone unconscious in any of the nearby rooms. No complaints at all.

So, if you are looking to brew drip, pour-over, or french press, you won’t get much going with this versus a more affordable grinder.


  • Great burr grinder at a very reasonable price point
  • It is sturdy, delivers a quality performance, and is easy to clean!
  • Great variability in the settings, and very consistent results
  • It is super easy to clean and use
  • Easy to use and the beans make delicious fresh coffee
  • larger storage capacity, sleek appearance


  • Not good for oily beans
  • It can be a pain in the neck keeping cleaned

6. Consistent Grind- Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

What we Like: Simple, quiet, consistent, high-quality grinder at a very reasonable price! sprinkle water into the bean bin before adding beans to eliminate static. Great multi-purpose grinder, best value

Do yourself a courtesy and purchase this grinder, it may be more costly than others but is quite worth the budget, and will long, long-lasting time. If you’re grinding french press coffee with a grinder with blades you don’t know what coffee is supposed to taste like, purchase this.

This coffee grinder has been a workhorse and delivered very well for my pour-over grinds (Chemex, Hario & MoccaMaster)-medium grind. Also, the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is mostly plastic but is very sturdy

The coffee grounds are nearly consistent and the burr grinder pieces are top quality. Maybe the outer casing feels a little thin but when washing I bang on it pretty difficult to get the grounds out of the top, and nothing has crashed.

To clean it take the burr out and brush it off. DO NOT WASH IT! WTF people? It’s carbon steel surely it will rust if you wash the oils off of it.

– Be soothing with the timer knob. It’s normal ass plastic and worse the post that it goes onto is plastic. If you monster grips it you’ll break it very fast.


  • Quite and grinds coffee quickly and efficiently
  • It is easy to adjust and it grinds whatever grind I need
  • Fairly inexpensive burr grinder
  • Multiple grind settings, precise grinding, runs pretty quiet
  • Clean, simple design, compact, not too noisy
  • Provides the perfect grind for my daily cup of coffee!


  • The dial knob is weak and cheap.
  • Precision is not its strong point.

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