The Best 7 Backpack Sprayer in 2020 | Chapin, Solo, Field King, More

A decent quality backpack sprayer allows you to apply herbicides, fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides, based on the requirements.

Engaging in agricultural activity is a rewarding experience. Growing fruits and vegetables yourself is a good idea as it provides fresh grocery products for domestic use or grocery shop.

We’ve researched “Best Backpack Sprayer” Chapin, Solo, Field King, More” according to Customer reviews and Expert Guide to help you identify the best one for you.

The Best Backpack Sprayer on Editorial recommendations
Our Top Picks:

▶Best Backpack Overall- Chapin International 63985 Backpack sprayer

▶Best for Commercial Backpack Sprayer- Chapin 61900 Tree & Turf Backpack Sprayer

▶Best for Budget- Scotts Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Sprayer

▶Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer- SOLO 425 Professional Piston Sprayer

Comfortable and easy to use SOLO DELUXE Professional Diaphragm Pump Sprayer

▶Best value for the price- 7- SOLO DELUXE Diaphragm Backpack Resistant

However, farmers will experience the threat of pests and disease to their crops, and they need a solution to manage the risk of these threats.

That’s where a backpack sprayer comes in. They are essential, versatile, efficient, and comfortable to use with less effort and fatigue. 

When buying a Backpack Sprayer there are many styles to consider, including Power, Safety and Comfort, Maintenance, Chemical-Rating, Brand is more important .

If you are looking for the best unit for controlling weeds or pests in your garden, take a glance at our list of the Top 7 backpack sprayers currently trending on the market.

Top 7 Backpack Sprayer in 2020 | According to Customer Reviews and Expert Guide

1- Chapin International 63985 Backpack sprayer-Best Overall

Perfect Solution To Consistant Material Delivery for Manual Spraying, Excellent sprayer to use to replace a pest control service.

Chapin 63985 model starts our reviews as an elite of all best backpack sprayers on the market. Its excellent functionality and comfort to use make it the best choice for a dedicated gardener.

This is one of my preferred tools(Chapin) simply because it is one of my first battery powered garden tools. I, however, with the back strap was better engineered, Other than that, it is an A-plus product all the way.

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A rechargeable 20V black and Decker lithium-ion battery provides reliable power for a continuous spraying process.

It has a pressure of up to 40-psi to give an optimum straight spray stream of up to 20ft. The large tank with the capacity of four gallon has an extensive opening funnel of about six-inches for easy refilling and cleansing.

Operating it is super easy and comfortable thanks to the comfy cushioned handle grip shut off mechanism. Its three-way adjustable nozzle accommodates a wide range of applications as desired.

Overall, If you maintain any yard you should buy this thing NOW and start using concentrated refills. You’ll save yourself a ton of capital, even after purchasing this sprayer, and more importantly, you’ll save yourself valuable time.

What we like

  • Supportive padded straps enhance a prolonged spraying
  • The adjustable brass nozzle makes it ideal for varied uses
  • Long battery life plus a large tank ensures a continuous operation
  • Easy to refill and clean thanks to the broad mouth funnel

What we don,t like

  • Limited lifespan
  • Unreliable warranty

2- Chapin Pro-series Backpack Sprayer– Easy to use

Excellent quality sprayer, no issues, very satisfied! Excellent house warming gift that most would never cherish unless experienced life without one of these

Are you a cost-conscious gardener operating on a limited budget looking for the best backpack sprayer? If so, Chapin 618002 Pro-series should be your best choice.

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It comes with a foaming nozzle as a bonus to provide an accurate spraying performance. With the four gallons translucent tank, this brand allows you to spray a considerable space.

It’s the best choice for using to spray conventional fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers. When it comes to cleaning and refilling, the Chapin 618002 Pro-series does it best.

The 4-inch wide mouth funnel opening gives you an easy time to refill or clean. Plus, its three-stage filtration system has detachable in-tank and cleanable filters.

What we like

  • Comfortable handle grip cushioned by soft polyester materials
  • The adjustable foaming nozzle allows for a variety of applications
  • Easy to refill and clean
  • Works with a variety of fertilizers, weed killers and pesticides

What we don,t like

  • The tank may not last longer

3- Chapin 61900 Tree & Turf Backpack Sprayer– Best for Professional Backpack Sprayer

This is a serious BACK SAVER! Outstanding 4 gal sprayer, will buy again, Great product seems to be very well made

The Chapin Commercial Backpack Sprayer will be the best choice if you are a homeowner or a professional farmer looking for the best backpack sprayer. I am so impressed with its construction and features.

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It comes with a three-stage filtration system to prevent clogging of the nozzles and ensures a consistent rate of spraying. The four-gallon provides an excellent carrying capacity for a continuous and peaceful spray.

Have a glance at the fluid level much easily through the translucent tank of this exclusive backpack sprayer. With the cushion hand grip shut off with pressure gauge and three nozzles, you can fully customize the spraying as you want.

The included padded, yet deluxe shoulder straps provide additional support to lumbar and reduce fatigue for comfortable operation.

The Chapin 61900 Backpack sprayer has turned the business of implementing herbicides to my lawn from a chore into a rationally therapeutic activity. The fan spray is complete, consistent, and good pressure.

What we like

  • Effortless to assemble and use thanks to the user manual included
  • Ergonomic and cushioned hand grip enhances comfortable spraying
  • Deluxe padded straps provide ultimate support to your spine allowing a continuous operation
  • Excellent construction and features offer customization

What we don,t like

  • Some functional parts may fail after sometime

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4- Scotts Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump Sprayer-Best for Budget

Makes Spraying Easy, well built and handy sprayer |  My professional house cleaners want this device.

I have judged many electric sprayers with various pumps and they all fail rather instantly or do not put out good pressure and volume. I decided this air pump type sprayer and so for it works as good as any manual pump sprayer I have had.

We assure you this is a backpack sprayer of its class! No more struggles and pain are trying to pump so that the fluid can be channeled to the nozzles.

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The Scotts Pump Sprayer comes with an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery to provide sufficient power to run the electric air compressor pump. It’s the best for spraying water-soluble solutions like herbicides, pesticides, and others.  

It has multiple spraying options on the head holds a charge for a very long time and is simple to carry! Well planned and would recommend to all.

The premium, commercial-grade shut-off system has a comfortable handle grip and lock-in feature to allow utterly effortless maneuvering while spraying. Besides, the shut-off system is designed with a 21-inch poly wand plus Viton steel to resist chemical damage.

Its pressure release valve enables you to expel internal pressure before opening the sprayer with utmost safety.

What we like

  • Excellent battery life allows for a continuous and worries free operation
  • Triple nozzle settings allow for customized spray
  • Teardrop-shaped tank enhances ultimate stability
  • Backed by a three limited lifetime warranty with free replacement of parts

What we don,t like

  • This unit may fail to operate well

Do you know How do Backpack Sprayers Work?

5- SOLO 425 Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer-Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

Easy to operate. Great for weeds over a large area. Spectacular Quality. Great spray volume!

 Being built for comfort, convenience, and durability, the SOLO Piston Sprayer brags a professional-grade design, rigorously inspected and originates from the USA. This clearly shows how quality, efficient, and satisfying this sprayer is.

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Its high performing rod actuated piston pump can deliver an extensive pressure range of up to 90PSI while virtually performing every spraying task.

Its best suited for spraying liquid disinfectants, herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides. The 28-inch unbreakable wand safely connects to 48-inch nylon strengthened high-pressure hose to allow for an extensive coverage area and reach.

With most parts being made to resist wearing, plus, a reliable technology, lasting service life, and less maintenance are enhanced.

Overall, I would probably proceed to recommend this sprayer for use with compost teas and organic fertilizers. I did a lot of research before purchasing and this seems to be the best one.

What we like

  • Rugged metal frame enhances durability
  • Interchangeable hand pump operation fits all users and helps to reduce fatigue
  • Four spray nozzles are easy to change and allows for modification of usage
  • Easy to set it up, clean and use with the user instructions

What we don,t like

  • Plastic container may not last longer

6- SOLO DELUXE Professional Diaphragm Pump Backpack Sprayer– Comfortable and easy to use

 Easy to mix, easy to clean, no leaks, and maintains pressure really well. 

Enjoy a wide range of applications, comfort, and versatility with the SOLO Deluxe Professional Diaphragm Sprayer!

It is the best in outstanding quality with the diaphragm being made of high-quality material giving it strength and ability to resist corrosion from chemicals.

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The four adjustable pressure settings allow for customization to suit individual spraying needs.

Coming with up to five different nozzles, the SOLO Deluxe Professional Diaphragm Sprayer helps you to meet virtually every spray need. Its ultra-large carrying handle has a wand retainer allowing for easy portability and storage.

The high performing diaphragm pump included makes it a highly versatile unit as you can use it with wettable powders, bleach solutions as well as liquid formulations.

I feel great knowing that I have this on hand when needed. Just have to be hypervigilant about cleaning/rinsing out after every use.

What we like

  • Larger tank capacity ensures a continuous spray performance
  • It gives you full control over the spray tasks
  • Convenient to store thanks to the foldable handle and wand retainers

What we don,t like

  • Its parts might easily break

7- SOLO DELUXE Diaphragm Backpack Resistant– Best value for the price

Easy and comfortable to use. Good materials, good construction. Totally recommend

This is yet an exclusive backpack sprayer designed with an ultra-violent resistant tank that guarantees a durable performance. The diaphragm is ideal for handling a wide range of chemicals, whether in wet-able powder or liquid formulation, plus bleach solutions.

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You will enjoy anytime you put it on your back as the felt padded polyester straps offer ultimate comfort. 

Excellent sprayer makes a nice fine mist that is comfortably flexible, you can get replacement parts for and they don’t cost an arm and a leg for.

It’s only the best in a class sprayer that comes with purely professional design and quality thanks to the extra-large opening with a variety of nozzles, amongst others.

High-quality materials tanks are also made to resist corrosion from harsh chemicals, thus extending its lifespan. The elongated hose and wand will help you spray even hard to reach as well as an extensive range.

Easy to use and works well. Used to put Roundup on my approach to kill weeds.

What we like

  • Ideal for a wide range of tasks and chemicals
  • A large tank with a high-pressure system ensures a continuous spray
  • Durable tank construction with ultra-violent and chemical resistance

What we don,t like

  • It’s quite heavy when full making it difficult to use

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Buying GuideThink about when buying a Backpack Sprayer

If you want to get the maximum benefit out of a backpack sprayer, you need to go for the one that will satisfy your spraying needs regardless of the space. With the emergence of new brands on the market, choosing a backpack sprayer can be a pretty tricky task.

That’s why our buying guide will be of great importance.

Design and flexibility

The first thing needs to be the design, and it includes the material used, styles, additional features like batteries, size, and much more.

Manufacturers tend to use different methods and resources to make these essential products to suit different uses. It would be a great idea to choose the brand whose design and style will suit you.

Also, consider the one with lighter weight for easy carrying and maneuvering.

Tank capacity

Backpack sprayers do have a variety of tank sizes to choose from. When shopping for these units, you need first to know the size of the area you intend to spray. Is it small, large, or extra-large? This will help you easily understand the brand that will meet your space coverage needs.


Just like in automotive parts, maintenance is a must-do activity if you want optimum results from your spray system. It’s not always guaranteed that the filters included can trap 100% debris from the solution leading to clogging of nozzles.

Besides, cleaning is a core task that should be done without a fuss. You need to be sure that the brand you pick can allow you to do a thorough cleaning as well as maintenance for longevity.

Body construction

Yet another essential factor you should check out in a backpack sprayer. Most of them have a plastic tank, metallic frames, and nozzles. Their quality degree matters a lot when it comes to performance and durability.

Choose a brand with a sturdily made tank with resistance to wearing or corrosion by chemicals. The general body construction should also be robust with rust-free and resilient metallic parts.

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What’s the best backpack sprayer?

Quality material construction, design, variety of applications, and inclusive features are the main determinants of the best backpack sprayer.
Depending on your desires and budget, you can easily compare brands basing on the factors above and find your suit.

How can I use a backpack sprayer?

Assemble the parts if not yet set up. Prepare and dosage the liquid with the chemical you need to use in a separate container. Follow the instructions given on how to mix for safety purposes.

Ensure the nozzle is closed and unscrew the lid on the backpack sprayer and pour the solution slowly and carefully. Screw back the cap and after about 15 minutes, put the sprayer on your back and tighten the straps for a perfect fit. Direct the wand and pull the trigger to start spraying.

How do I fix a pump sprayer?

In case you get it hard to pump, you can turn it over to squirt some silicone spray lube on the inner part. Or, if the top lid can be removed, you can unscrew it using channel lock pliers.

Polish or coat the internal components of the pump with Vaseline, grease gaskets with petroleum jelly and ensure they stay upright.
If they are damaged, you’ll need to replace them. Screw all the parts back.

How far does a backpack sprayer spray?

Backpack sprayers have varying pressure rates, and thus the distance sprayed varies too. Some units can spray up to a maximum of 30+ feet while others can reach 10 feet under pressure.

Who makes the best backpack sprayer?

A good backpack sprayer is as good as the company that makes it. It’s all about the quality of materials used, design, reliable warranty, and, most importantly, a ready and efficient customer support team.


Taking your precious time to shop for the best backpack sprayer can be very rewarding. It means that your workload is significantly reduced, and you can spray your garden with comfort.

With our pay off reviews above on the best 7 backpack sprayers combined with the buying guides and frequently asked questions, we are confident that you can get the best unit that will suit your needs.

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